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   Chapter 4 It's Him

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"Well..."The smile on William's face froze.

"Okay." Ethan nodded lightly, but full of determination.

When he stood up, he glanced at Mia, who was curling up in a corner of the sofa.

Mia glared back without showing weakness. If she still can't see that this guy was intentional from the beginning, then she must have a total brain-fart. After all, no one else could be so miserable like her to be thrown to the ground twice in a row and be treated like a toy that can be thrown away at any time by the brother-in-law.

Now he had changed the person who was going to marry him. She wouldn't even believe that he didn't want to take revenge on her.

"Mr. Ethan, Mia just graduated. She's too young..."

"It's also a blessing for our Mia to be liked by Mr. Ethan." William was interrupted by Mandy.

Mia looked at her grandmother with wide eyes, but was shocked in her heart. Did that mean she agreed?

"Grandma!" Mia frowned and tried to stop her.

"I'll send someone to pick her up tomorrow." Ethan lifted his foot and walked forward. He didn't care about the attitude of the people behind him at all. He had given his choice and believed that the Yao family knew what to do.

If she could escape from him, he would let her come back obediently.

Mia's struggle was in vain at this moment. The people of the Yao family followed Ethan out. She glared at his arrogant back. Did he think he was the beauty King? It's so disgusting!

She stood up and walked in the opposite direction. The voice behind her was cold that was very annoying. "Don't bother Mr. Yao to see me off. Let Mia see me off."

"If you don't mind, let me do it for Mia."

Seeing that Mia continued to walk as if nothing had happened, Cathy spoke to help her sister out.

'Does he still want me to see him off? Why didn't I bite him to death! '

Suddenly, her eyes flashed with cunning and became brighter.

The next second, she turned around with a big smile on her face, and her attitude also changed greatly. "Oh, sister, I'll go to see him off, in case someone says that I don't know the etiquette."

Outside the door, Ethan walked faster than her. If it hadn't been for what happened just now, she would have comforted herself that her camera had been taken away by some thief. But now she was involved, and she really couldn't stand up and turn around to leave.

She rolled her eyes and punched and kicked behind him. And the feeling of disgust in her heart grew stronger and stronger

Unexpectedly, Ethan, who was in front of her, suddenly turned around, and her little action was frozen in the air.

"Good. You are full of energy." Ethan squinted at her and said meaningfully.

"Of course! Because of the age difference between us! It Is Too big!" She uttered the last words in a ferocious voice, and she wished she could bite him to death.

The atmosphere suddenly froze. Enduring the unknown fear in her heart, she did not look at the man's face in the distance. But would this make him feel that she was extremely weak? She cleared her throat and said, "I don't want the camera back. You need to cancel the marriage."

"I never do a business that is not worthwhile!" Ethan straightened up and faced to face with Mia.


The anger that had just subsided instantly surged out again. She gritted her teeth and said, "ha ha, uncle, I really admire you. You can even trade your own marriage. "

"Don't try to escape, or you will be responsible for the consequences..."After saying that

, Ethan turned around and got on the Rolls-Royce Phantom parking by the roadside.


She didn't hide her disdain in her heart. She didn't expect this guy to be so despicable. She didn't want to waste time on him, so she turned around and went back to her room.

He said he wouldn't let her go, so she had to wait for him to pick her up obediently? How ridiculous! Was she so stupid in his eyes?

"Mom, Mia can't. She just graduated. How can she get married?" William was pacing back and forth in the living room, but his eyes were fixed on Mandy, who was sitting on the sofa.

"She is more than 20 years old and not young at all! Our family's foundation is in MY City. If we don't find a big backer, it will be destroyed. Do you want me to be ashamed to see your father and speechless to face the ancestors of Yao family! !" The teacup in granny's hand fell on the tea table with a dull bang.


"Shut up! It's settled then! " Mandy glared at William who stopped abruptly.

Regardless of her shivering body, Mia strode to the center of the living room and said, "grandma, I can't get married. I'm only 22. I have never thought of getting married so early!"

"No? You have enjoyed the superior living conditions of the Yao family, so you have to pay for it. There is no preferential treatment in the world for free! " Mandy stared at Mia with a serious face.

'Did the purpose of this marriage is to let the Su family to be the big backer of the Yao family?

Was I just the victim of this marriage?

In grandma's heart, the foundation of the Yao family was the most important.'

"Emma, keep an eye on Miss Mia. If she leaves here today, each of you should be responsible for the consequences tomorrow." Granny stood up and warned.

"…Yes. " Everyone responded in panic.

Emma's trembling voice pulled back Mia's thoughts. On the one hand, Mandy was her family, but she had done such a cruel thing to her, on the other hand, these servants had no blood relationship with her, but they had to feel panic because of her.

Grandma was forcing her!

When Mia returned to her room, her mother and sister followed her. What else could they do except to comfort and persuade her?

However, all these comforts were useless to her

In fact, it's not easy for her mother over these years. Because her grandmother always had a bad attitude towards her mother. But it was out of her mother's control that she couldn't have a son. For this reason, her grandmother had been lukewarm towards her mother. If she did not agree to the marriage, the three of them would have a hard time.

After lunch, Mia locked herself in the room.

After thinking about it for a while, she finally dialed a number that she remembered.

"Mia..."A gentle male voice went into her ears. With a smile on her face, tears fell down.

"Aaron!" She murmured with all her tenderness.

Aaron, this name had been deeply engraved in her heart. She had loved him for four years. Whether she was inexperienced or blind to be attracted at that time, she had fallen in love with him.

But God was kind to her. He confessed his love to her in the year before graduation.

She still remembered that she was as happy as a child when they were together for a year. They had a good relationship. Would he get engaged to her in advance if he knew what she was going to face?

If she was engaged, would she not have to face the marriage?

"What's wrong?" The man at the other end of the line asked nervously.

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