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   Chapter 3 In A Mess

Craving For You By Yu Xin Characters: 5075

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A few days ago, Mia walked out of home confidently with her head up high. Now, she was in a mess.

She had no idea that she would become such miserable after that,

all because of that violent maniac.

She didn't know that bad luck could follow her through the moment she met the two men back in the hotel room.

Gritting her teeth, Mia walked towards the villa.

She gently knocked on the door. Normally, she would've just opened the door and entered, but now, that wasn't possible. She needed to sneak in as quietly as possible.

The door quickly opened. Mia grinned up at the woman who had opened the door. "Emma."

"Miss Mia! You're back." Emma noticed that Mia's clothes were covered with specks of dirt. She furrowed her eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'll go upstairs and wash myself first."

She wouldn't even speak of such a shameful thing.

Emma walked her up to the stairway. However, she went to a halt when she heard the sound of laughter coming from the living room.

Mia pursed her lips.

Usually, her father would be in the company working at this hour. She couldn't help but wonder who the guest was.

Two steps away, she could hear the guest's calm voice reverberate across the room. Her body went rigid as if she was just hit by an electric shock. Without another word, she sprinted up the stairs.

Emma didn't expect that Mia would turn around this drastically. She staggered backward, trying to stabilize her footing.

However, their noise had already attracted everyone in the living room. Ethan furrowed his eyebrows and spotted a slim figure passing by their gazes. She was dressed in a pair of white shoes – the same ones that the woman had whom he had left at home.

"What happened?" William Yao frowned, not expecting that such a situation would happen especially in front of his important guest. He narrowed his eyes.

Emma quickly bowed her head. "It's Miss Mia."

"Mia? Ask her to come here." William Yao sighed as he turned to the man on the opposite side of the sofa. "She's been really spoiled by us. A rash girl – that one."

Ethan shook his head indifferently.

Mia ran into her room within a few seconds and locked the door behind her. She must have heard his voice wrong, right?

Rearranging her thoughts, she quickly grabbed clothes to change.

Someone knocked onto the door.

Although the sound of knocking was gentle, it still made her feel uneasy. She slowly looked at the door and approached it step by step. Her shoulders were tense.

When M

ia opened the door, she relaxed when she saw that it was Emma. "Master's looking for you."


Emma nodded.

"Okay, I see." Emma stood there as Mia readied herself.

After the quick shower she had, she felt much better. Drops of water dripped from her black hair, but she didn't care.

Besides, this was her home – her territory. She didn't care how important the guest was to his father. She would definitely deliver some payback.

Once she had arrived in the living room, the laughter in the hall went to a halt. Finally, her mother called her over, "Mia, come here."

Her mother had always been in charge of everything at home while her father and brother, Jacob Yao, were in charge of the company. While, Mia's only task was to study hard at school. However, that all changed swiftly after her graduation. Now, she needed to deal with a guest.

"How could you act like this?" William Yao said lowly.

Mia lowered her head and glanced at her wet hair. She had always done this before, and she had never been scolded.

As soon as she sat down, the man's sharp gaze fell upon her. Mia looked up, only to widen her eyes at the sight of the man. "Why are you here?" she demanded.

Her words attracted the attention of the people in the room. Without another word, she hid behind her sister's back, Cathy Yao, avoiding his cold gaze.

"You know each other?" Cathy Yao asked softly.

"No. How could we know each other?" Mia laughed awkwardly.

"He's Ethan Su. Are you surprised?"

"Who? Who is he?" Mia's eyes widened at the name.

"Ethan Su." Cathy Yao smiled shyly.

His name was like a strike of lightning,

and it just exploded right in front of Mia.

Ethan Su!

He was actually Ethan Su!

"You really are spoiled," Sara Zhang said, shaking her head.

Her hand tightened around her wrist, as if trying to warn her daughter as to where she stood.

Seeing the woman in front of him, Ethan laughed. "I think you've raised your daughters very well, Mr. Yao."

This was already very convenient for him.

He already found the woman who had tried to run away from him.

"Mr. Su, you flatter me," William Yao replied politely.

Mia dug her nails into her palms. From the moment she had entered the room, she could already feel their eyes all on her as if she was a clown about to perform.

The footsteps came closer and closer, and she subconsciously looked up only to see that Aidan had walked over to Ethan.

After some whispers, Aidan looked up. "My master will marry Miss Mia."

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