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   Chapter 2 Let's Wait And See

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His coldness radiated across her body, rendering her frozen.

She stumbled backwards, trying to get a hold of herself.

Mia tried to suppress her fear and she dug her nails into her palm. "What the hell do you want?" she snapped.

His muscled arm stretched towards her, and without warning, he strangled her once again.

She let out a coughing fit as she gasped for air. Mia felt as if her entire life was falling right before her eyes.

"Tell me, who sent you here?"

The man tightened his grip. The pain that radiated from her chin was unbearable. She blinked the wetness from her eyes as she choked out the next following words, "Let–let me go!"

She could already feel her chests burning from the fear pounding in her heart.

All of a sudden, the man was now on top of her. He gritted his teeth. "Don't worry. I have more ways to make you talk."

He tossed her to the ground.

The pain enveloped her like a blanket of needles, stabbing all over her skin. As she struggled to stand up, she could feel her surrounding environment fading and blurring right before her eyes.

His ruthless words played in her ears over and over again like a piper drawing her to sleep. The fear in heart could no longer be suppressed as she screamed for the help that never arrived.

When Mia opened her eyes, she noticed that she was in an unfamiliar environment.

The strange feeling pulsed through her body as she sat up. As soon as she tried to raise her arms, she gasped in pain. "Shit!"

The man truly showed no mercy.

Enduring the pain, she weakly got out of bed. Grey mist surrounded the estate as the white curtains waved with the nightly winds. She narrowed her eyes at the thin mist, wanting to see what was before her.

Soon, the scenery came into view. She gaped when she realized that this wasn't the hotel she was staying in...

Did he...

Where the hell was she?

Mia ran towards the door as fast as she could. However, the moment she pulled the handle, she saw that a pair of feet blocked her from exiting the room.

Speak of the devil.

As he stared at her, his eyes flashed with emotions that she couldn't decipher. Soon enough, coldness settled on his expression.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" she demanded. Her hand was still on the door knob.

"Don't you know where you are?" he said calmly, entering the room.

She staggered back when he came in. It was not until she took two steps back did she finally stabilize her footing.

The fire

in her eyes lit up as she followed him, closing the distance between them. Without another thought, Mia stretched out her arms and blocked him from going anywhere else. "Give me back my camera!"

He stared at her in disdain as if she was just another trash he forgot to discard.

She glared at him and waved her arms exasperatedly. Whatever. It wasn't a big deal anyway. She could wait. However, Mia would keep everything that he had been done to her in her mind.

'Let's wait and see.'

"Do you think you can go out that easily?"

She was about to step out of the room when she stopped.

Mia gritted her teeth, wanting nothing more but to curse the man behind her.

She stomped her foot heavily out of the room, wanting every movement that she made to be heard.

It was not until her slender figure disappeared did he raise his eyebrows. "Aiden," he called.

Outside the corridor, Mia couldn't help but think of the man she had just met. Was he insane or something? He was handsome. It would be a pity if he was a lunatic.

The next moment, Mia's eyes widened when she saw someone standing in front of her. She almost let out a shriek.

The man in front of her was dressed in a black suit. He gazed at her indifferently. "Miss, please go back."

She felt as if a mouthful of blood was stuck in her throat. Seeing as she had no other choice, Mia turned around and returned to her room.

Her anger was fueling inside of her.

Right now, she wanted nothing more than to bury the man alive.

The next morning, Mia got up early.

The room was so quiet that she could only hear herself breathe. She walked barefoot across the carpet and tiptoed towards the door. Last night, she had overheard from the two men that they had something important to get to. When she heard the news of leaving, she couldn't help but laugh.

Do they really think that this villa could stop her from leaving once they were gone?

When she heard the roar of a car from downstairs, Mia jumped towards the curtain. It wasn't until she saw the luxurious car disappear from her sight did she finally return to her bed to put on her white shoes.

Two hours later, a taxi arrived into the villa complex from the east. Mia called out for the taxi anxiously. She waved her hands around as she turned cautiously behind her, wanting to make sure that no one was following her. The driver shot her a suspicious look, but he didn't mind at all.

After saying her thanks, Mia got into the car.

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