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   Chapter 1 Caught For Photographing

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In the Night Phoenix Hotel.

Mia Yao leaned against the edge of the bed, wiping her high-end single lens reflex camera.

She was neither a reporter or a journalist, but after what she had gone through these days, she felt that she was perfectly qualified for the job.

Plus, taking the secret photos was exciting. It gave her a sense of adrenaline rush that she had never felt before even if she hadn't gotten her target in the past few days.

If it wasn't for her sister's happiness, she wouldn't have experienced this feeling in her life.

Mia Yao couldn't let her sister marry off to a stranger.

A person that she still hadn't met.

He was said to have gone to a business trip abroad.

It had been three days since she got the news about him. He should be back by now. Even a turtle was quicker than him.

If she still didn't catch him here, then she would stomp into the Su Family as his future sister-in-law just to see who he was.

'Just wait and see, my brother-in-law!'

Maybe it was because she had waited for his appearance for the last three days that she became more curious about him.

Ethan Su... Just the mention of his name already brought up hundreds of questions.

The young master of the largest financial group in the world –the Derrick Group– was said to be terrifying.

In just six years, he had built and expanded a company of his own called the Harrison Group. In fact, the strength and influence of his group was comparable to that of the Derrick Group.

The fact that a man could start such a large company out of nothing showed that he could be as ruthless as he was determined and as decisive as he was cold.

He wasn't a good man, and that was something she was sure of.

Mia Yao shivered at the thought.

She was so frightened as recalling the moment she wanted to go knock on the Su Family's old residence just now.

What the hell was she thinking about to meet such a scary person like him? She had been waiting for him the last few days, and she was already drowning with anxiety.

Mia Yao froze upon hearing footsteps approaching her corner.

Reflexively, she grabbed the camera and rushed to the door.

Someone came in.

She carefully opened the door and squatted as she stared at the camera in her hand, ready to take pictures at any time.

As the footsteps steadily approached, her heart beat was going faster and faster. A part of her hoped that she wouldn't be disappointed by the results.

Finally, two figures appeared in front of her camera. Mia Yao brightened up almost immediately. Without hesitation, she quickly took pictures of the scene.

It was not until there was no one there was she able to scan through all the pictures that she had taken.

Mia Yao frowned.

Who was the man in the blue suit?

It couldn't be Ethan Su. He was supposed to be almost as old as her father, but this man looked so young.

Confusion filled her eyes.

She bent over, waiting to find the next wave

of opportunity to take their pictures in case she had missed anything.

"Let's go." A man's voice was heard.

It had pulled her back from a daze. Without another word, she narrowed her eyes at the direction of the voice.

However, she still couldn't help but be confused at the scene.

Was one of them really Ethan Su?

The man who was facing her took off his coat. She narrowed her eyes. This was a man in a black suit.

He was also a young man.

That couldn't be. Ethan Su himself had booked this room. It had taken her a lot of money to get the information from the receptionist.

She narrowed her eyes at the pictures that she had taken. There were two people...

'Are they working for Ethan Su?'

Mia Yao shivered, and she couldn't stop her fingers from shaking.

Suddenly, a pair of leather shoes showed up from the cracks of her door.

Subconsciously, Mia Yao looked up. She saw the expensive belt with a diamond buckle, and a white cotton suit. Without any hesitation, she looked farther up to see a bright and handsome face.

She lowered her gaze in an instant.

His eyes were freezing cold.

It was as if he was trying to shoot daggers into her heart.

Suddenly, his cold fingers gripped against her neck.

She sputtered out as she held onto his hand, trying to wrench it off of her, but it was to no avail. He narrowed his eyes. "What are you up to?"

"I–what do you want to do?" she blurted out.

As he tightened his hold, she was starting to have difficulty to breathe.

She struggled in his grasp, but it was no use. He was too strong.

The next moment, he pulled the camera from one of her hands. "Give it back!"

"You should give back the pictures that you've taken of me first,"

he snapped, sneering. She tried with all her might to grab the camera from him, but it was no use. There was nothing else she could do.

"Do you think you can get away of taking pictures in secret?"

"Sir, you must've misunderstood. I didn't take any pictures of you. You walked into the sight when I photographed others."

"So you're blaming me?" The man looked into her eyes coldly.

It was as if she was staring into the eyes of the devil as he announced her death.

She shivered, softening her voice, "No... Please, let go of me. I–I'll die if you don't."

"Die?" He snorted. "Are you afraid of death?"

"Who isn't?" she countered.

After hearing her words, the man removed his hold and her body was thrown to the ground. The pain that pounded through her nerves sent a dose of adrenaline into her system. "What the hell? I have already explained my side. Why are you being so unreasonable?" she spat out.

'Is he crazy?'

She clenched her fists as she stared back at him. Although there was something about him that made her want to shrink back, she steadied herself.

"I just wanted to take a picture of Ethan Su. It has nothing to do with you!"

Suddenly, as soon as she blurted it all out, the man stepped forward.

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