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   Chapter 285 Change Of Name

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Seeing that Noah was still staring at her and didn't relax at all, Angela was really scared by his gaze. She sighed helplessly and said, "Well, I'll help you wash all your clothes from now on, okay?"

"Cut the crap."

The anger in Noah's eyes suddenly disappeared. He speechlessly rolled his eyes at her and waved his hand to his subordinates who standing by the window side. "You clean the clothes for me and send them back. Remember, the clothes should be completely clean. If there is one thing that makes me dissatisfied, you..."

"Boss, we will keep it in mind. We will definitely satisfy you!" The subordinates answered quickly with a standard flattering smile and quickly left the dangerous situation.

Noah asked someone to dispel the unpleasant smell in surroundings, and then began to eat something leisurely.

The car began running. Even though Emma wanted to get out of the car, she couldn't do anything about it. She knew that falling love with him would make her heart ache, but every time he appeared in front of her, she couldn't help but want to get close to him.

Several of her friends had come to see her before. When they heard about her situation, they were all very angry, and said that they wanted her to leave the bad man as soon as possible.

But she really couldn't do it.

She had thought that she would never see him again, but she didn't expect to see him again in the evening. And it was even the place where they met for the first time.

He appeared and even saved her. God knew how handsome he was at that time and how fast her heart beat.

That night, they naturally had sex again. She knew that she would never be able to escape from him for the rest of her life.

Especially now, this guy was totally insane.

It seemed that she had no choice but to ignore it.

"What are you thinking about? You are so absorbed in your thought."

There was a slight impatience shown in Noah's clear voice. Emma raised her head subconsciously and saw into his deep eyes, which had a kind of attra

happened outside."

Sherry looked at the man in the seat respectfully. After so long a time, she had already restrained her hostility, become much gentler, and learned to hide her dark spirit.

Because she had no idea whether the man in front of her was an enemy or a friend.

Everything was still unknown.

In the face of everything in the world, nobody could make a conclusion too early.

The earlier she makes conclusion, the faster she would lose.

The man's purple eyes were full of tenderness. He slowly walked to her side and gently touched her face. "Sherry, it's alright. Just let my subordinates tell you the things happened outside. It's very dangerous for you to go out."


Sherry didn't resist anymore and nodded respectfully.

The man chuckled, and there was a hint of infatuation in his eyes. "Sherry, you have learned very well these days. I can see the spirit of that person from you. From now on, your name is not Sherry Su, but Penny Xiao. Do you understand?"


Although Sherry was confused, she nodded respectfully again.

With a deep smile in his eyes, the man touched her face constantly and said, "Good, really good. Penny, come to my arms, let me hug you."


Sherry's eyes were full of shock. She stepped back unconsciously and forced a smile. "Master, did you say something wrong?"

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