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   Chapter 284 Don't Compare Yourself With Cherry

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"What are you doing?" Emma kept flapping him in surprise, "Noah! Put me down! I said, I won't go back! Anyway, I won't go back!"

Noah pretended to smile coldly. "You don't want to go back? I think the reason why you leaf my clothes here is that you want me to come here every day to get them from you. In this way, we are related.

It's better to let you stay with me directly than to be so troublesome. So you can save your scheming. I am very kind to you."

He must be very narcissistic?

Emma pinched him so hard that Noah cried out in pain, "Ouch, Emma! You are so unruly! Don't forget that I'm your boss! If you do this again, I'll punish you!"


Emma smiled and rubbed his hair, making his hair in a mess. "Boss, have you found out who I am? Aren't you afraid that I'm a spy?"

Squinting slightly, she poked him in the face with a smile. "Judging from your expression now, I know that you haven't found it out at all. Then you take me away now and say that you want to punish me. Obviously, you want to imprison me, don't you?

Just say it. Why do you have to act as if you love me very much?"

"I don't care who you are."

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Noah threw her directly into the car, and then sat beside her. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her. "I only know that there is an occupancy of cook at home. You are the most suitable person, and I don't care about other things."

Emma got close to him and put on a charming smile. "Don't forget that I like you. If you keep me by your side, what about Cherry? If one day she changes her mind and sees me at your home, do you think she will misunderstand me?"

She moved closer to him and said, "Or maybe I will find a chance to make her misunderstand us. After all, I love you so much. How can I let another woman take you away from me so easily?"

Noah looked at her quietly for a while, reac

sent to the front of Noah. His eyes lit up, and a happy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He took it over, put her aside directly, and couldn't wait to eat.

Emma's eyes widened in surprise. So Noah really liked the food she cooked?

He liked it... He didn't care about his image at all while eating.

All of a sudden, a stench mixed with the smell of alcohol came over, and Noah almost vomited. He glared at the man in black angrily, "what's in your hand! Do you want to be beaten? "


The man in black shook his head immediately. "Boss, this is the clothes you wore last night. You were drunk and then vomited, but..."

The man in black glanced at Emma and curled his lips, "but no one washed it for you."

Noah's angry eyes instantly shifted, and there was clearly a sentence in his eyes.

How dare you not wash my clothes!

Emma shook her head and said, "Noah, it's not that I didn't want to wash it. It's just that you vomited too much. I've thrown it into the trash can, but they can get it back. I really admire them."


There was a trace of grievance in Noah's anger, which made Emma unable to understand him. She forced a smile at him and said, "Boss, I have no choice. I bought you another one. Please let it go."

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