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   Chapter 283 The Achilles' Heel of Noah

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Herring turned around with a face full of fondness, "You can go shopping. Ask the housekeeper to accompany you. Come back early after you finish shopping."

Why did she suddenly become a rich lady?

It was difficult for Bonnie to adapt to the new identity. She didn't expect that Herring make things easy for her. When did he become so tolerant?

Although she felt everything was unreal, Bonnie accepted it gladly. She nodded slightly and said in a coquettish tone, "Okay."


As soon as Noah came out of his room, he saw that Yilia had prepared breakfast. He was inexplicably happy, but his face was still cold and a little angry.

"Yilia, you really don't want to change your mind. I've already driven you away. How could you bring me to your home and force me to do that?"

He couldn't help but shake his head. "Do you think that I will allow you to go back in this way? Yilia, don't think so simple of your boss. I will never change my decision."

"Boss, this is different from what you said last night." Emma looked at him with grievance, "Last night, you said that it was me who left you without permission, otherwise I wouldn't have been in danger and asked me not to leave you again. Why do you change your mind? Which one is the truth?"

Did he say that last night?

Puzzled, Noah thought for a while and snorted, "Don't fool me. You must made it up. I can't say something like that. If you want to come back, just say it and do something to please me. Maybe it's possible."

"Thank you for your kindness, boss."

Emma prepared the dishes for him with a smile and put them in order. "In fact, I don't want to go back. It's comfortable to stay here these days. Moreover, I can't let you break your words. In that case, you will lose your dignity. I can't do such a thing."

Shouldn't she be happy for his concessions?

Why didn't she want to go ba

s head and looked straight at her. "Yes, I know everything, but you lied to me first. You didn't tell me the truth. How could I know if you mean bad or not? So it's all your fault. You lied to me."

Emma nodded with a smile, "Yes, I lied to you first, but I didn't ask you to do anything. From the beginning to now, I just want you to pay for this meal. If you can't pay, then leave your clothes. That's all."

"Why do you keep my clothes?" Pretending to be calm, Noah stared back and said, "I haven't found out that you have this strange hobby yet. Oh, I see. You must love me but you can't have me so you keep my clothes as a souvenir, right?"

Emma rolled her eyes at him, "No, I didn't. Isn't it better to buy you a new one? Why do you have to take your old one? You are so weird."

Noah looked at the clothes uneasily and said, "You are weird. You have money to buy clothes for me, but you are stingy with this meal. If you want to get involved with me, be honest. I can forgive you generously and let you go back with me."

"I said I won't go back. Let's have dinner and leave as soon as possible."

Emma rolled her eyes at him speechlessly and stood up to go to her seat to eat. Unexpectedly, Noah held her up and rushed to the door.

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