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   Chapter 280 Acting Holier-than-thou

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Updated: 2020-09-22 00:13

"Herring, it's not a time to joke."

Bonnie held his hand tightly, and the panic in her eyes was obvious.

At this moment, she really wanted to tell him the truth.

But before she could finish her words, Pascal burst into laughter and said, "Well, Bonnie, we all know that you are kind-hearted, but we have to deal with this matter properly. You can stay here and have a good rest. Don't worry about those things that don't deserve your concern."

Then, Pascal turned to look at Herring with a big smile on his face, "Herring, I'll do it right now. Don't worry. I'll definitely satisfy you. Put some salt water on the whip to make him feel enoug

thing for you to see. Remember, don't run around. It's a good thing."

Acting holier-than-him?

Bonnie felt very uncomfortable. She had never been so judged before, but it was not the first time for Pascal to misunderstand her. Whatever he said, it didn't matter. Whatever she said was sincere.

Even if there was something wrong, it was very likely that he had misunderstood it.

Her eyes did not follow his movements around, but observed Herring's room. The whole room was gray and light blue styled, and the furniture was also arranged in a unique style, which made people feel quiet.

'It is a good place to study his drugs, isn't it?'

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