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   Chapter 277 She Ran Away

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Furious as he was, Scott took the paper. When he saw the asset certificate on it, his brain dazzled.

How did this happen!

With a snap of Herring's finger, a group of people rushed in and looked around the house. Herring walked leisurely to Scott, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Human's prediction is never as good as heaven's. Scott, are still fighting against me?"


Clenching his teeth, Scott glared at Herring and waved the paper. "What the hell do you want? Do you get everything just for Bonnie? Do you know you have offended everyone now? "

Herring looked at him indifferently, and said, "Do you mean that you still want to fight?"

"Herring! Can't you understand me? " Scott looked at him madly. Herring sneered, "You don't understand me, but it seems that you won't surrender. Let's continue to watch the show."

A hint of panic flashed through Scott's eyes. He looked at Herring nervously and asked, "What else did you do? Tell me, what else have you done? "

Glancing at the upstairs indifferently, Herring turned around and said, "You are not the grandson of the Leng family at all, are you?"

"What are you talking about? What a rumor!" Scott had never been so angry before. Usually, he made others angry.


Herring! Herring used to and continued to be against him. It seems to be too merciful to not killing him!

Herring ignored him and looked at him indifferently, "The truth will come out sooner or later."


Scott glared at him, his eyes constantly glancing upstairs, fearing that they would find out Bonnie.

Herring frowned slightly. "That's enough. You've been nagging in my ears all the time. It's so annoying. As the boss, you're very ungraceful. Do you know that?"

"What boss?"

Panic flashed through Scott's eyes, but he st

n one person! How could she run away with so many people in this house! Why do I hire you? "

All of them trembled with fear, and the anger of Scott grew stronger and stronger. A vicious smile appeared at the corners of his mouths. "Do you know what to do?"

"I know."

"Then hurry up!"

Scott glared at them and watched them disappeared in an instant.

Scott searched all the rooms by himself crazily, but still couldn't find any clue, let alone Bonnie.

Bonnie was right here before, and everything had not changed. And Herring had been with him all the time. How did Bonnie disappear?

After thinking about all the possibilities, Scott ruled out all of them.

Did Bonnie run away by herself?

He thought it might be possible. After all, she didn't answer the phone.

Thinking of this, he became even angrier. She dared to escape. The punishment given to her was too small.

A sinister and cold smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and the viciousness in his eyes became more and more intense. "Cherry, do you think you can escape from me in this way? Don't you think your master is too simple? You owe me so much. How can you just leave like this? "


"Mr. Herring, she's inside!"

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