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   Chapter 165 I Don't Hate You

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Updated: 2020-07-27 00:02

Avril didn't know how to control the situation. Why didn't she hear it just now?

Was it because his eyes were so gentle that she blocked everything around her?

Looking at Kevin's gentle and expectant eyes, Avril was sure that she had fallen in love with him.

All of a sudden, all the previous memories flashed through her mind, and her eyes became cold in an instant. She shook off his hand and ran down the stage, but there was no sound from behind.

She smiled bitterly. It seemed that what she thought was exactly the same. Kevin just wanted to make jokes on her. If she agreed happily on the stage, Kevin might laugh at her the next second.

She really couldn't afford it.

She didn't know how long she had run to a bridge. Everything around her was so quiet that she could hear her heartbeat.

Plop, plop, plop.

Her little face turned red and she stopped breathlessly. She stood by the bridge and shouted, "ah!"

Looking at the night, she smiled bitterly, squatted on the bridge sadly and buried her head in her knees. Her little body kept trembling slightly, and muffled cries came out one after another.

"Do you hate me so much? "

All of a sudden, the voice of Kevin came from above her head. Avril raised her head and looked at the familiar and warm face. Her heart skipped a beat unconsciously, and her eyes were full of stubbornness.

"What are you doing here?"

Then she stood up and patted her buttocks. When she was about to leave, Kevin suddenly laughed bitterly. "It seems that you really hate me. No wonder you ran away at the scene of my confession. Do you think I am really an annoying person? "

Was he really going to confess his love to her just now?

Avril was stunned. She stopped and snorted. Then she turned around, raised her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile. "You didn't know it until

u admit that you are my girlfriend?" Kevin looked at her with a smug smile.

Avril thought that when Kevin was a child, he was much smarter than he was now. How could he flirt with her at such a young age?

Avril was totally convinced.

She poked his forehead with a smile and said, "I'm ten years older than you. We'd better just be friends. Children, don't think about these messy things. "


Kevin became serious. "I just want you to be my girlfriend. I've already chosen you. Don't worry. I think I can support you. I'll study hard and open a company by myself. I'll let you be my wife. "

Avril was shocked and burst into laughter. "Kevin, who taught you this? You're just thirteen years old. Don't you think you're too stupid to make such a decision? "

"You don't believe me?"

Kevin raised his eyebrows and looked at her seriously.

Avril forced a smile and poked his nose as if she was coaxing a child. "I believe you, okay? But don't use this trick on me. You'd better use it on other little girls. "

Without saying anything, Kevin just smiled faintly and pulled her into his arms. "Listen, I have never loved anyone, and you are the only person I love. So, you have to be with me, understand? "

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