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   Chapter 157 A Plastic Family

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There was no shame on Leila's face, but a hint of contempt in her eyes.

"That's right. Do you thought I will fall in love with someone like you if you don't have money? You thought too much. You said you didn't treat me badly and gave me a lot. Is that true?

You know it's not like that. I want so many things. Have you given me everything I want? Just like now, I want our daughter to marry Herring. Can you do that? You just wagged your tail in the face of Caspar. No one in their family thinks highly of you. I don't have any respect to be with you. What did you give me? "

"Leila!" Jerry was so angry that he trembled. "I didn't expect you to be such a woman. I always thought that you were just bad tempered. Now it seems that you are a heartless bitch! I'm tired because of too much work all day long. Haven't I done enough for you? It's okay that you don't care about me. If you say so, can you be at ease? "

"All right! "

When Leila was about to continue, she stopped when hearing Sherry's roar.

Jerry smiled bitterly, "what? Sherry, are you yelling at me for your mother? "

Sherry raised her eyebrows and snorted, "you think so yourself. I didn't say that."

"Do you dare to say that you don't look down upon me? " Jerry continued to press her. Perhaps he was just stimulated by the fact that he had just received from Leila, and now he was unable to control his emotions.

Sherry turned to look at him and sneered, "Jerry, if you have a clear estimation of yourself, you won't ask me this question. If you want to listen to me telling the truth so much, okay, I'll tell you.

Do you know how embarrassing it was just now? I'm so shy. It's been two years, and you haven't turned over yet. I can understand you, but you always force me to seduce Herring. Have you ever thought about my feeling? "


th a trace of fear in his eyes, which was hard for people to understand.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Sherry said, "Jerry, what's wrong? Why are you so obedient? Who is he? "

"It's none of your business. " Jerry snorted with disdain. "Stay out of my business. And, be respectful and don't call my name directly. "

Sherry didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Anyway, she didn't believe that he could do anything.


As soon as Alina caught up with him, Herring had already driven away. She sighed helplessly, "Herring, you are really..."


Lucia caught up with her and patted her on the shoulder casually. "Alina, why are you chasing them? I know you like your cousin very much and don't want him to be sad. But you can't stop him now. "

Alina stamped her feet irritably, "Mommy, I just want to comfort him. Why did you come out with me? "

"If I don't come out, should I stay inside?" Lucia raised her eyebrows and shrugged lightly. "Your uncle just looked like he could eat someone. "

"Right." Alina nodded with a smile, "but I don't think my uncle is so cold-blooded, let alone so ignorant. But Herring's resentment against my uncle is too deep to be solved in a short time. "

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