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   Chapter 149 The Smile Of Noah

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Caspar almost choked with water. Without looking at it, he knew that Allen must be looking at him complacently. Maybe if he looked at him now, Allen would hit him with a walking stick.

Herring's heavy heart was messed up by Allen, and he was not as sad as before.

He knew that his grandfather must be trying to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere. After all, it had been twenty years since Caspar came back. It must be difficult to act like a happy family.

"Don't listen to him. You can talk whatever you want to talk about. Tell him what you have said in the past twenty years. If you can't finish it, no one is allowed to sleep."

Joyce stood up and gave them an order. She helplessly looked at the proud Allen, grabbed his arm and walked into the inner room. "Your old man, your son has finally come back. Why do you have to make things difficult for him? It's enough to just teach him a lesson. Don't make a scene. "

"What do you mean by that?" Allen said angrily, "it's his fault. He is an adult, but he knows nothing. As his father, I can't teach him a lesson? You have spoiled him since he was a child. You have spoiled him so much! "

"Great grandpa is right!" All of a sudden, Noah's voice sounded. He walked inside with unrestrained steps and looked at Caspar with a smile. "Great Grandpa, you should talk more about Grandpa. He hasn't been home for twenty years because of my father. I don't know if he has me in his heart."

Hearing that, Caspar stood up all of a sudden. For the first time, he smiled and walked towards Noah. "Noah, how can you say that about me? I often chatted with you through video when I was in the United States, didn't I? You are being so partial to your great grandpa. Don't you think it's too embarrassing for me? "


America. I just want to stay at home. It's so good in our country."

"Then I'll help you set up a company at home!" Caspar said briskly.

Shaking his head with a smile, Noah said, "Grandpa, I don't want any new company. I just want our Han group."

The smile on Caspar's face froze. He could feel the embarrassment in the air. Even Yilia found that Noah had gone too far this time. It seemed that he didn't come back to reunite with everyone. He just wanted to target someone.

But Noah was still smiling happily, especially when he saw the coldness aura around Herring's body.

"In fact, Grandpa, I don't want to compete with uncle. It's just I want to work in the company many times, but uncle didn't allow me to do so. When you finally come back, I naturally want you to make a decision for me. I want to be the vice president of our company, just the vice president.

As you know, I love our company very much. I just want to work in our company. I don't want to go to other companies even if all of them belong to me. Besides, uncle is there. We can definitely make the company better! "

Seeing the bright smile on Noah's face, Bonnie got goose bumps all over her body.

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