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   Chapter 139 I Don't Care Who You Are

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Herring bent down and picked Bonnie up, which startled her. "Herring, what are you doing? "

"I'll take you to eat something. " Herring forced a smile.

Bonnie poked him in the chest in a hurry. "We can just eat something. Why are you holding me? Put me down quickly. "

"Don't you like me to hold you? " There was a trace of jealousy in Herring's words.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows and poked him angrily. "Are you playing rascal again? I've told you, don't think it works on me just if you act cute. I don't like kids, understand? "

All of a sudden, Herring felt a sense of relief, and his eyebrows and eyes were relaxed. "Then who do you like? It can't be that handsome and upright CEO, right? "

"…" Bonnie was speechless. "Why do you praise him? Don't you always say that he is a bad guy? "

Herring snorted, "he's handsome and upright. It's true. I'm always honest. It's no problem to say so. Don't you think so? "

"Is that guy upright? " Bonnie shook her head speechlessly. "I think it's better to call him as before. He's really a bad guy. "

Herring gritted his teeth. "Cherry, do you hate him so much? "

"Why do you suddenly ask this? " Bonnie looked at him in confusion and looked at his face carefully.

Herring took her to the chair beside the table, "I just want to know. Just answer me. "

"Why do you look more and more like that guy? " Bonnie looked at him up and down with a frown. "Have you always wanted to learn from him since you learned him last time? "

Herring almost couldn't continue to act him, but he smiled and sat opposite her. "Yes, I think the cold Herring is very handsome. Don't you think so? "

"Hum. "

Bonnie raised her eyebrows in disdain. "Is he so handsome? Except for that face, it's so beautiful. But other parts..."

"Have you seen other parts of him? " Herring raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a snic

face and said, "you love me. Don't deny it. "

"Do you really love me? " Bonnie stared at him seriously.

Herring nodded, "of course, or do you think why would I stay with you all day long? "

"Then what do you think my name is? " Bonnie was thrilled, but she still wanted to figure it out.

Hearing that, Herring pursed his lips and became serious. "You are Cherry. No matter how many times you said you were Bonnie, I would only call you Cherry, because you are her. "

Bonnie was a little surprised. She didn't expect that Herring could be so straightforward as if he had become that boy. Had the two of them already begun to merge?

Did it mean that the boy would gradually disappear?

While she was disappointed, her curiosity came up. She suddenly said to him, "a person like you can't be loved at all. Humph. "

She had thought that the boy in Herring's body would come out, but to her surprise, Herring showed a smile instead.

"It's enough that you love me. "

With that, he kissed her on the lips, with his big hand around her waist. She froze all of a sudden, allowing him to sweep her mouth wantonly.

That's not right. Didn't the little guy say that he would come out as long as she said that? How could it be like this?

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