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   Chapter 137 Stimulate Her

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"So what? " Herring puckered his mouth arrogantly. "When I stay with you, I just like to talk, as if I can't finish your words, Cherry, give me a hug at last, okay? "

It was the first time that she had seen someone so sincere and simple to express her thoughts. Bonnie suddenly liked him.

She raised her eyebrows proudly and snorted with disdain, "why should I hug you? Anyway, as long as I cry, you will come out. It's not that you will never see me again. "

"Cherry, you are a bad girl. " With dissatisfaction on his face, Herring muttered, but his eyes were full of smile.

Bonnie pinched his face and said, "Herring, listen to me carefully. I'm Bonnie, Bonnie, not Cherry! Why do you always call Cherry as if you don't understand me all day long? "

"You are Cherry. "

With a firm attitude, Herring reached out his hand and scraped her nose. "Both the cold Herring and I know you best. So, it's not that we called you wrong, it's that you have forgotten who you are. "

Did she really forget who she was?

Bonnie was stunned for a moment. Was what Herring said true?

She grabbed his arm nervously and said, "Herring, what else do you know? Can you tell me everything? "

Herring smiled and touched her face, "I can only tell you what happened between Cherry and Herring. I don't know anything else. "

Bonnie frowned slightly. "Can you tell me what happened to Cherry and Herring when they were young? And I also want to know Cherry's background. "

She really believed him now. But even if what he said was false, she still wanted to find the past. Maybe in this way she could know what was going on.

Herring smiled. "Cherry, I didn't show up in his body until you lived with him. By that time, you had grown up, so I didn't know what happened in your childhood, nor did I know your identity. You need to investigate it yourself. "

"Okay. " Bonnie felt a little lonely.

A touch of guilt flashed through

this, his tears fell down. Herring gritted his teeth and felt extremely guilty. Why couldn't he protect her well? Why did he make her suffer so much grievances?

When Herring arrived home, he gently put Bonnie on the bed and called his private doctor to examine her. The private doctor shook his head after he examined her, which frightened him. "What happened? Tell me. "

"Nothing. " The private doctor hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Mr. Herring, Mrs. Cherry must have been traumatized. Something just happened and stimulated the pain in her heart, so she had such a heart wrenching feeling. Under unbearable circumstances, she fainted and she will wake up in a period of time. "

Herring frowned tightly, "how's your study on psychology? "

"Mr. Herring, I also know a lot about psychology, but Mrs. Cherry should not only be limited to the mental aspect now, but also her body and memory. According to the examination just now, there is a strange drug in her body that has been unable to control. "

Clenching his fists, Herring said, "tell me what to do. "

"Stimulate her more. You can't avoid it with this kind of disease. You have to let her often experience this feeling. Slowly, maybe she can recover out by herself. But if she goes too far, it will hurt her body. "

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