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   Chapter 129 Send Her To Me

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"How could it be? I just think this dress suits you very well. " With an unnatural smile, Kevin leaned against a tree beside him.

Bonnie looked very serious. "Mr. Kevin, please don't treat me as her anymore. I don't like to be someone else's substitute. I hope you can understand me. "

"Okay, I won't do that again. Don't worry. " Kevin had to admit it and it was uncomfortable to be seen through by her.

Bonnie had always held grudges against them for treating her as Cherry. Thinking that they treated her so well all because of Cherry, she felt very uncomfortable and wanted to get angry.

Why did she have such a life? Why couldn't she be herself!

Bonnie seemed to realize that her attitude was a little bad. She quickly stepped back and bowed. "Mr. Kevin, I was too emotional just now, but what I said is true. You..."

"All right. " Kevin interrupted her with a smile and took a step forward. "Bonnie, let me tell you. From now on, you are my good friend. Whether you are Cherry or not, you are always my good friend. Don't worry about other things. "

Good friend?

Bonnie was a little stunned. For so many years, she had never had a friend, except for Avril. Of course, Avril made friends with her just because she looked like Cherry, which made her feel very sad.

In fact, she had also persuaded herself not to treat them as friends, but it would be very troublesome in the future. However, she always wanted to get close to them unconsciously, especially when they would take the initiative to get close to her. It seemed that everything was a little difficult to deal with.

"Okay. " Bonnie nodded with hesitation.


"Mr. Leng, how are you doing? " With his legs folded elegantly, Herring leaned against the sofa, with a cup of tea in his hand.

Mr. Leng smiled, "Herring, I didn't expect you to be so powerful. I thought you couldn't defeat me, but now I'm

him, we will lost everything! "

Still fearless, Mrs. Huo raised her head and patted her leg. "It doesn't matter. Now that he knows everything, we don't have to hide anymore. We just need to fight against him face to face. It's not so troublesome. Don't worry. He will only scare you at most. Since you are at such a high position, he won't dare to make you down. "

Mr. Leng still preferred a relaxed and comfortable life. He waved his hand casually and said, "Okay, you can continue to fight against him. It's not a big deal for me to arrange the affairs of Bonnie as soon as possible. It's just that Herring pushed the plan a little faster, and perhaps only Scott is unhappy. I'm very happy. "

Hearing what he said, Mrs. Huo immediately sensed something. "Are you going to support Herring? "

"Ahem. " Mr. Leng smiled unnaturally. "Well, in fact, I just think that Herring is a good man, but I'm not on his side. I just admire him a little. "

Mrs. Huo raised her eyebrows and looked him up and down in confusion. "Really? Why do I feel that you are so guilty? "

"Do I feel guilty? You must be mistaken. " Mr. Leng swallowed and stood up in a hurry. "Don't think too much, my lady. I'm 100% on the side of Scott. That bloke, Herring, is nothing! "

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