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   Chapter 111 Confrontation

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Bonnie tried to force a smile on her face.

Noah could see the embarrassment on her face, but he still pretended not to see it. Besides, since Herring was here, he had to make him angry.

When he was about to speak, Herring spoke first and cut the steak elegantly. "It's good that you like it. This is the opening dance I specially asked Noah to do. Today's all prepared for you. Enjoy yourself. "

"What? "

Hearing that, Noah was shocked and angry. "Herring! You! "

"Call me uncle. " Herring was still very elegant.

Noah was pissed off. "I prepared it for Cherry. Why do you say it's your arrangement? "

"You can ask her and see who did it. " Herring calmly put a piece of steak on Bonnie's plate.

Noah stood up and grabbed the restaurant manager. "You can tell me on the spot and see if it was I or he who prepared it. "

"It was prepared by Mr. Herring. " The manager wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Noah stared at him in disbelief. "Say it again! "

"It's really Mr. Herring. " The manager of the restaurant said very seriously, "you did order it here, but it has been changed by Mr. Herring. In fact, all the food and dance are actually prepared by Mr. Herring again. I wanted to change you, but Mr. Herring said that it was good for you to show your heart. "

Let him show his heart!

Noah was about to explode with anger, but now that the restaurant manager had said so, what else could he say?

"No, how can you change my things so randomly? You don't respect the customers at all! "

The restaurant manager explained to him in a hurry, "Mr. Herring is our boss. We should put Mr. Herring first in everything, not to mention..."

Putting the knife and fork on the plate, Herring said, "well, don't talk so much nonsense. Go ahead with your work. "

"Okay. "

The restaurant manager went downstairs respectfully.

"Noah, are you still eating here? " His tone was as cold as ic

h an evil and attractive smile on his lips, Noah made an OK gesture.

He looked at Herring and asked, "what do you think? Uncle, can you compete with two of us alone? No, there are four people, Avril and Bonnie. They are both on our side. You'd better surrender quickly, or we will attack you. "

"Noah, you have been dealing with me for a long time, haven't you? " Herring asked the question he had wanted to ask all these years.

With an unnatural smile on his face, Noah said, "yes, you just found out that uncle you are really dull. "

"Why? "

All of a sudden, his heart ached. In fact, Herring had always treated Noah as a good friend. Every time he did something extreme, he would choose to forgive him.

But gradually, he found that many things were done by him on purpose, not by accident, not for love, but for him.

However, he had never known how to express his feelings. He felt that maybe it was because he was too strict with Noah and was a little indifferent to him that he hated him so much.

Anyway, he wanted to figure it out today.

With a bitter smile, Noah asked, "why? Uncle, you always know the reason. You are playing dumb. Don't think that every time you pretend to be good to me, I will be moved by you. Don't think that I am so naive. "

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