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   Chapter 110 Dance In The Restaurant

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Kevin had already got used to her innocent look. He squinted and crooked his finger at her, gnashing his teeth, "I asked you to come over. Come over quickly. Don't talk so much nonsense. "

"Humph! "

Avril gave him an arrogant look, but still came to him. "I know why you asked me to come here. You just want me to help you have dinner with Bonnie. "

"Right! " Kevin smiled with satisfaction. "Now that you have known it, I don't need to say anything more. Hurry up and arrange it for me. "

Avril shook her head leisurely. "No, no, No. how can I help you so easily? Who do you think you are? "

Kevin was not satisfied with her words. He picked up the pen next to him and poked her forehead with its tail. "I'm your friend and your boss. Why don't you help me? "

Avril snorted arrogantly. "Now I have changed my mind. I can't help you chase my best friend just because of these relationships. Isn't it a loss for me? "

"What do you want? As long as you tell me, I will definitely promise you. " Kevin was so anxious that he didn't want to beat around the bush with her.

Avril smiled mysteriously. "Don't promise me so easily. If I said I want the company, will you give me the company? "

"Of course I can give it to you. " Without any hesitation, Kevin answered, "of course, if you can help me pursue her. "

Avril blinked her eyes in shock. "Really? Are you really willing to pay so much? "

"We have been friends for two years. Don't you know me well? " In a righteous manner, Kevin touched her with his arm.

Avril narrowed her eyes and thought, 'it's so easy to defeat Kevin, isn't it? ' It was just for a girl. It seemed that he really loved Cherry.

Somehow, she felt a little bitter in her heart. She used to think that he was often silly, but he worked very hard, especially when he worked. She had thought that he must pay special attention to fa

lly. His style hadn't changed for so a long time.

Avril was lost in thought for a while, and then she suddenly realized that if he danced, would they still have a chance to come out?

She stared at Noah angrily. This guy had only been making trouble from the beginning!

This was the second time that Bonnie had seen Noah dance. He always liked dancing so much. And now she understood the content of the song completely, which meant that he liked her very much.

She tried to make herself feel that way, so that she could be with him at that time, but it was just very interesting, and there was no feeling of moving at all.

Let alone fall in love with him!

Bonnie was on the verge of breaking down.

When everyone was immersed in Noah's dance, Herring suddenly sat next to Avril and Bonnie. The light was also on at this time, and Noah was so shocked that he almost tripped over his left and right legs.

Avril and Bonnie were more shocked than him. There was a hint of joy in Bonnie's heart, but she didn't feel it.

Seeing that it was Herring, Noah was angry and hateful. He rushed over, rolled his eyes at him and sat on the other side of Bonnie. "Bonny, do you think my dance is beautiful? Do you like it? "

"Yes, I like it. "

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