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   Chapter 108 Her Virginity Was Destroyed

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Avril was so angry that she wanted to grab his face. He stepped back. Avril was so excited that she stepped hard on the chair. The wheel slipped and she pounced forward.

In fact, she could use her martial arts now, but she'd better not do that in front of Kevin. It would be bad if he suspected her.

Pretending to be frightened, Kevin dodged away. In fact, he wanted to save her at the last moment. Unexpectedly, Avril grabbed his tie and pulled him back. She wrapped him around his neck, with two long legs tightly holding his waist.

And Kevin grabbed her buttock subconsciously.

It felt good.

They were stunned. At this moment, they were extremely quiet. They could hear each other's breathing and heartbeat. They had never been so close to each other before.

In particular Kevin, he had never contacted with any other lady except for Cherry and Avril. But now, he just hugged her like this?

"Ah! "

Avril slapped him angrily, with her face full of grievance. "You big bad guy, big hooligan! How dare you touch my ass! I didn't expect you to be such a slut. You destroyed my virginity! "

With a blush on his face, Kevin pushed his hand away and said, "Avril, what do you mean? What virginity? Who insisted on relying on me? I don't want to catch you at all, right? "

"Humph! " Avril pinched his nose angrily, "how dare you not catch me? I even treat you as a good friend. You are a bad guy! "

Amused by her words, Kevin pulled his tie and said, "well, can you go down now? "

"No, I'm afraid. " Avril pretended to be timid and looked at the floor. Then she turned to the other side and said, "well, put me on the table, so that I can get off by myself. "

Smelling the scent of her body, the throb arose in Kevin's heart but disappeared in an instant. He had no choice but to nod his head. Just as he put her butt on the table, the door of the office was opened before her legs could settle.

sudden? Did Herring offend you again? "

Only when Noah saw her would he be a little gentle. "Yilia, you know my heart the most. You should have guessed it. Don't talk about it anymore. "

"Is Cherry back? " A touch of worry flashed across Yilia's face. She gently touched his face and slowly kissed him on the lips.

With his finger against his lips, Noah said, "don't do anything reckless today. You'd better have a rest now. "

"Okay, boss. "

A hint of loneliness flashed through her eyes, but it was well concealed. She left him and slowly walked out of the room.

Depressed, Noah lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling. The previous scenes seemed to be played back on the ceiling.

In the past, Yilia was very pure and lovely, but she didn't call this name at that time. Her name was Anna, and she simply wanted to follow him.

However, he said that she was too simple, and her name was not suitable. She said that as long as he was willing to let her stay by his side, she could change anything.

So she became what she was today.

At that time, it was because of the disappearance of Cherry that Noah found such a shelter and named her Yilia. Now that Cherry had come back, what should he do?

Did he want her to stay with him? What should he do to her?

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