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   Chapter 107 The Short Avril

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It was necessary to make some arrangements.


"Mrs. Huo, Mr. Leng, how can you promise him? " Bonnie looked at them worriedly and helped them to the seats in the restaurant.

Mrs. Huo smiled gently. "Bonny, we really treat you as our granddaughter. Since he wants to marry you, we have to make things difficult for him. Only in this way can we know whether he is qualified or not. "

"But..." Before Bonnie could finish her words, Mr. Leng continued, "Bonny, don't worry. We will help you to talk to that person. Recently, Herring won't make trouble for you. Besides, we can't be destroyed by him easily. "

Mrs. Huo nodded. "Yes. I'm the boss of the Huo group. How could I be destroyed by such a young man? He's too proud. But to be honest, he's a good man. I would be glad if you can be together. "

Mr. Leng disagreed, "my lady, don't talk nonsense anymore. If you say so, won't Scott be sad to death? "

"Scott? " Mrs. Huo looked confused. Mr. Leng shook his head resignedly. "Haven't you understood it yet? "

"What? Does it have anything to do with Scott? "

Mrs. Leng said helplessly, "well, I don't want to talk to you now. I will talk to you after we go home. "

"Humph! You old man! " Mrs. Huo snorted like a little girl.

Hearing what they said, Bonnie was confused. "Grandpa, grandma, what are you talking about? Who was Scott? Why haven't I heard of him? "

"It's your..." When Mrs. Huo was about to tell her, Mr. Leng suddenly stopped her. "It's nothing. He's just one of our relatives. You don't have to mind. "

Mrs. Huo glared at him. "Why don't you let me tell Bonny? Is it a secret that we can't tell her? "

"Just be obedient, okay? Just tell me what you want to say. I love you the most and I like to listen to you the most. Just talk about it with me. " Mr. Leng coaxed her with a smile.

arantee that you can be together? "

"Then why did you tell me before that I would make it? " Kevin looked her up and down.

Avril coughed unnaturally, "I said that just because I was having fun, OK? Humph, it is so boring to talk to someone like you. "

"Am I boring? " With his eyebrows raised, Kevin said with a smile. "Get out of my chair now. Do you know what you are doing now? I'm your boss. How dare you step on my chair? Don't you want to work anymore? "

Avril was still very arrogant and puffed out her chest angrily. "I just stepped on it. What's wrong? Do you still care about a chair as a CEO? What a mean guy! "

"How dare you say that I'm a mean guy? Believe it or not, I'll fire you right away, so that you can never stay with Bonnie! " Said Kevin, glaring at her angrily.

Avril pinched his nose and said, "you bad guy! How dare you threaten me with this! If you hadn't been so tall, wouldn't I have stood on the chair? "

"Pfft! Ha-ha-ha! " Finally, Kevin understood what she was thinking. He couldn't help laughing, "Avril, I see. Well, I see. Short Avril, I will prepare a chair for you in the future, which will definitely make you look tall. "

"Who do you think is the short Avril? "

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