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   Chapter 106 Destroy Everything

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It suddenly occurred to her that they had a hot time last night. Although nothing had happened, it was almost there. Thinking of it now, Bonnie could not help blushing and her heart were beating fast.

After a while, Grandpa came back with a laugh together with Herring. The gentle smile on Herring's face made people feel creepy.

When grandma saw grandpa's expression, she was so angry that she snorted. Grandpa immediately went up to coax her, "no, I don't know why I become like this. Don't worry. Let me talk to him again. I will definitely beat him up. "

"I don't think it's a deal for you. You pedantic old man, let me do it. " Grandma snorted with disdain and walked out first.

Glancing at Bonnie, Herring seemed to show off.

Why did she suddenly feel that she was waiting for her husband to come back?

Bonnie blushed. She wanted to beat herself up for a while. He didn't say anything to her, but she had already blushed and her heart beat so many times.

Did he come to hurt her?

"Ha-ha! What Herring said is right. From now on, you have to take good care of Bonny, or we wouldn't let you go. "

Grandma's return caused a greater sensation. Everyone was shocked to death, especially Noah and Kevin. At the beginning, Herring was disgusted by everyone. But now why did it suddenly change?

Grandpa looked at grandma speechlessly. Grandma went up and pinched Grandpa. "It's a mistake. I won't let this kid win next time. "

"Now that grandpa and grandma have said so, Cherry, no, Bonny, go with me, OK? "

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, the complacency on Herring's face was obvious.

Bonnie took a deep breath angrily. The way the master said was not feasible at all. Now, everything returned to the starting point. There was nothing that could not be done by the guy named Herring.

"Grandpa, grandma, please help me. I don't want to go with him. He will bully me. Besi

e a devil coming out of hell, Herring snorted, "what happened yesterday? "

He really wanted to know who drugged him yesterday.

Sherry reached out her hands to his chest and gently stroked it, "how can I have the nerve to say that? Why don't we do it again today? Just in the office. I believe this place will also be very comfortable. "

"Get out! "

Herring's cold voice sounded in the air. He seemed to have guessed what she had done. If so, it was Bonnie who saved him from her hand yesterday.

But why did it happen?

Sherry was a little stunned, "Herring, what did you say? "

"If you dare to call my name again, I will pull out your tongue. " Herring gave off a strong sense of coldness, and Sherry couldn't help trembling and quickly left him.

She stared at his back in shock. Did Herring regain his memory again!

Then she would be miserable!

"Mr. Herring, I didn't mean to do that just now. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm leaving now! "

In a panic, Sherry sprained her ankle. Enduring the pain, she limped out, fearing that she would be thrown out again later.

It was not until she completely went out that the black smoke on Herring's face slowly dissipated. It seemed that a lot of things had happened these days that he did not know.

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