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   Chapter 105 Suddenly Changed

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Granny looked at him up and down as if she finally caught him. "He's good-looking, tall and in good shape. But why is he so overbearing? ''Why did you bully my granddaughter? Tell me clearly. "


Did Cherry have such a powerful backer now?

"Mr. Huo, it's our business. Besides, we are married. I don't think it's necessary to tell you what we are going to do. "

Seeing his imposing manner, Mr. Huo felt very funny for a while. She stood in front of Herring domineeringly and said, "you are really crazy recently. My granddaughter just looks like your wife. You don't have to pester her all the time, do you? "

"Mr. Huo, I don't want to talk with you about this. I just want to talk with Cherry. " Herring's attitude was very clear.

Kevin admired him a little. Herring had never suffered any hardship since he was a child. How could he be so arrogant in front of these two powerful characters?

Mr. Huo was not happy at once, "Herring, you are against us, aren't you? Can my granddaughter be taken away by you at will? You'd better leave right now and never bother our granddaughter again. Otherwise, I won't spare you. "

"Wow, it's so lively here! " Noah walked in and shook hands with his grandparents. "Grandpa, grandma, I've long wanted to see you. By the way, you may not recognize me. You can call me Noah from now on. "

Grandpa and grandma immediately smiled kindly, "this young man is better. Look, how polite he is! "

Glancing at the darkened face of Herring from the corner of his eyes, Noah smiled more brightly. "Grandpa and grandma are such good people. Of course I want to be filial to you. How can I be cold to you? Only my uncle always does something willful. Don't blame him. "

Kevin raised his eyebrows. 'What a naive man Noah is! He used these sweet words to seduce people. No wonder he could stay with Cherry all day long but bully her once. '

But he also helped

ughts. She couldn't have such a crazy idea. If she fell in love with him, she would be really miserable.

She had to remember that Herring was the most hateful demon in the world. She couldn't be softhearted to him, whenever.

When Grandpa and grandma faced him, their cold faces suddenly softened, and then turned cold in an instant. At the same time, they shook their heads and said, "no, I haven't discussed with you that you bullied our granddaughter. Come here with me. "

Grandfather went out in a domineering manner. Noah made a face at Herring, but Herring didn't pay any attention to him. He looked at Bonnie and said, "Cherry, wait for me here. Don't let that guy bully you. I'll marry you soon. "

Then he walked out with his long legs, leaving only the stunned people in the room. None of them had expected that such a big ice cube could say such words.

Did he melt because the earth was getting warmer?

This time, it was Noah's turn to darken his face. He had never thought that Herring would be able to compete with him in this situation. Why!

Marry her?

All Bonnie could think about was the affectionate eyes of Herring, and she couldn't get rid of them. Her thin and sexy lips floated in her mind, as if they were going to occupy her whole brain.

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