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   Chapter 102 She Deserves It

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Herring remained calm. "If you have finished, go out. Don't let me say it a second time."

"Brother herring!"

Clara became more and more agitated. She even shook off the servants who came to take her away.

"Why did you do this to me! Brother Herring! I didn't do anything wrong to you! Was it because of Cherry Li? What about her! She was so coward when she was a child, and it's not much better when she grows up. Why do you have to side with her? "

Originally, Herring just hated her, but now he was directly angry. The blue veins on his forehead indistinctly appeared. "Throw her out, and never allow her to come in again."

"Yes, sir!"

They hurriedly lifted Clara and ran out.

Clara yelled and struggled, "brother Herring! Our two families have been friends for generations! Aren't you afraid that I will tell mom and dad? Your parents always have a good relationship with my parents. Now that your parents are gone, you are like the son of my parents. I don't believe that you won't listen to them! "

Herring didn't say a word. He didn't want to talk to her at all.

"Master, with all due respect, I think it's not appropriate for you to do this to Miss Clara, right?"

Even the butler couldn't stand it anymore.

Thinking of what happened that year, Herring's eyes became colder. "She deserves it."

"Where is Cherry? Haven't you found her yet? " The whole villa was shocked by the cold air around him.

The Butler shook his head respectfully and said, "I haven't got any news yet."

'Cherry, you are really something!

"I'll find it myself."

He picked up her coat and walked out with his long legs.


Sherry gradually woke up, as if her body had been crushed by the wheels. Her whole body was so sore that she could not move, and her lower body was burning.

She looked around in panic. Th

t her coldly, "you are of no use to me. How can I help you?"

If it weren't for his family background and the things he knew, she would have asked someone to beat him up. How could she tolerate him till now.

"I know. I will help you. Don't worry."


Kim nodded slightly and loosened her chin. "Look for that Avril for me. She has been hiding from me for the past two years. I don't know why. We have a good relationship with each other. Why does she suddenly alienate me?"

Did he really take her as his subordinate!

Sherry was angry, but she didn't dare to say anything. She forced a smile and said, "Okay, I will help you find her, but I can't bring her to you."

"I know." Kim snorted impatiently, "how can I not know you strength? I'll take care of the two on my own. You just need to cooperate with me. "

Sherry liked it very much. She nodded and said, "okay."

"You haven't told me who made you suffer like this today?" Kim looked back at her and said, "don't tell me it's Cherry."

At the mention of this, Sherry was furious and aggrieved. "Of course it has something to do with her. But it's not her who gave this order. It's Kevin. You can't deal with him. It's better not provoke him."

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