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   Chapter 100 Have Learned To Climb Straight

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But those accidents happened in different circumstances.

"Cute? " Frowning slightly, Herring tried his best to calm himself down. He turned his face aside and pursed his lips. When he was wondering whether it was cute or not, Bonnie suddenly burst into laughter.

"Ha-ha! 'Herring, you are so funny! ' No, it's so weird! Are you pretending to be cute? You are just a big guy. You won't be cute no matter how hard you try. You are a little scary. So you'd better not do that. "

"…" Herring's face darkened suddenly.

It was the first time that he had done such a childish thing to please her. How could she laugh at him!

Herring reached out and pinched Bonnie's little face. The flesh on her face was all up. She looked at him in confusion and couldn't speak clearly. "What are you doing? "

"Am I not cute? "

With his eyes wide open, Herring was no longer cold, but a little childish.

Seeing him like this, Bonnie almost burst into laughter. It was reasonable for another gentle man to do such a childish thing. But Herring...Ha-ha-ha!

But now the big iceberg said something like that. Was he crazy?

"Mr. Herring, if you think you are cute, then you are. I can't say anything, right? After all, I am the assistant of Qi group. How can I compare with you? " Bonnie blurted out.

Herring was very angry. "From now on, you are my assistant. If you dare to refuse me, I'll do that thing to you now. Tell me, do you agree or not? "

"…" Was there another choice for her?

At the thought that she would stay with a lunatic from now on, Bonnie felt that her future would be ruined. She must report it to her master as soon as possible, or she would really disappear from the world.

She found that she couldn't deal with Herring tough. If she was tough, he would be tougher than her, so she could only be soft, gentle, naughty, cute and coquettish. At the cr

ck. Of course we have to hold a wedding. Don't try to escape, and don't tell me you are not my wife. "

"But I'm really not you wife. You are too unreasonable. "

Bonnie was depressed to death. How could she be pestered by this crazy woman!

He even wanted to hold a wedding ceremony with her. Then she must be executed by her master.

"I'm a man of action. Only I like it. There are two words that are unreasonable."

Finishing speaking, Herring held her in his arms and got out of the car. "Look, this is our home. You have to live here from now on, and you are not allowed to go anywhere. "

"I sue you for illegal detention. " Bonnie was pissed off by him and became very angry.

The word had no deterrence to Herring at all. He carried her upstairs and threw her on the bed of the bedroom. Before she could sit down, he leaned over her, with his hands on both sides of her body.

"Stay here and call our brother. I still want to have a talk with him. "


He even said our brother. Who wanted to have a common brother with him?

Bonnie was almost tortured to death by him. Why didn't Herring let her go?

She rolled her eyes and said, "Herring, get up first. Only when you get up can I make a phone call to my brother. "

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