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   Chapter 99 If You Dare To Say It Again, I Will Hurt You

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"You are already my woman. Where else do you want to escape? " Herring's hand holding her wrist tightened.

Bonnie looked at him blankly, "your woman? "

"You know what you have done. " Herring was still very confident.

It seemed that he didn't know what happened yesterday.

Bonnie curled her lips and suddenly wanted to laugh. "Herring, You are too narcissistic, aren't you? Nothing happened between us. We just hugged and slept for a night. "

"What? "

Herring was shocked and a little angry. When could he stand it that he didn't do something with her?

He just held her in his arms and slept for a night!

"Yes. "

Bonnie nodded leisurely. "Maybe you were drugged and lost your mind. By the way, you told me that you would never badger me again. You said that from now on, we would go our own ways. "

"Really? " Herring squinted at her.

Bonnie nodded calmly. "Of course. Can I lie? Besides, it seems that I don't need to lie to you. "

"Impossible. " Herring stared at her firmly. "Do you think you can escape from me by saying that? Again and again, you have played countless tricks. I won't believe you this time. "

Now it was hard for her to defend herself.

Bonnie looked at him helplessly. "Didn't you say yesterday that you would destroy me? You also said that I affected your missing of your wife. Why do you say that now? Do you still want to deceive me and destroy me with your own hands? "

"I have never said such words. " Herring was confused. He had never been so brainless.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows and said, "maybe you have forgotten it. But I remember that you have been pestering me all the time. I had never revenge for myself. It's so annoying. "

"Let's go. "

Herring picked her up. As soon as he opened the door, Kevin came in. Seeing them, his heart ached.

you. Don't pester me anymore! Don't you know it will affect my life? "

It seemed that she really didn't remember anything now. If she was acting, she couldn't keep acting, especially at this point, it seemed that there was no need for her to act again.

But he had made up his mind from the bottom of his heart, whether she was Cherry or not, or whether she remembered him or not.

From now on, he would keep her by his side and never let her escape.

"If you dare to say that you are not Cherry again, I will hurt you right away. "

A cold light flashed in Herring's eyes. Bonnie was too scared to say a word. She had never seen such a terrible person.

She snorted, "but I'm really not Cherry. Why do you treat me like this? "

She was still thinking about the plan that her master had told her. If she didn't follow the plan, she would definitely be punished.

It was all the bad guy's fault!

"What? "

With his eyebrows raised, Herring threatened.

Bonnie pursed her lips and said, "I won't say that again, OK? Why are you so angry? You have such a cold face all day long. You are not cute at all. "

She kept thinking about how to make Herring gentle, so that everything would be easy.

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