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   Chapter 98 Kiss Him

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But now, he was totally shameless!

She really didn't know how to deal with him!

They had been quarreling in bed for a long time. Bonnie was exhausted under his pressure. She gritted her teeth and stared at him. "Get up first. I want to take a shower. Then I sleep with you after that, okay? "

"Then give me a kiss. " Herring pouted and smiled at her, "if you take the initiative to kiss me, I will agree to your request. "

Bonnie stared at him, pretending to be cold. He still had a smile on his face. How shameless he was!

"Hurry up. There is no such a chance later. Maybe my request will be more difficult later. "

Bonnie felt a pang of sadness in her heart. No matter what kind of man Herring was, he always liked to take advantage of her?

For the next plan, Bonnie raised her head and kissed Herring on the lips. When she was about to leave, the back of her head was suddenly clasped by his big hand. His kiss was gentle and lingering, and his hot tongue swept through her mouth wantonly.

"Whoosh! "

Bonnie gasped with her face red. She didn't dare to look at him anymore. This guy was so bad, worse than the real Herring. He was just a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Herring giggled and pinched her face, "well, you did a good job. I allow you to take a shower. Remember not to wear sexy clothes, or I could definitely not help it. "

He was getting bolder and bolder. He had obeyed her before, but now he dared to treat her like that. It was hard to change his nature!

Bonnie stood up angrily, kicked him, ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

With a big smile on his face, Herring rubbed his shin.

It was so good that his Cherry was back.

After taking a shower, Bonnie specially wore a lovely pajama. She thought he would never hurt a child casually.

As soon as she opened the door of the bathroom, she saw Herring standing at the door, smiling. Without waiting for her to say a word, he picked her up, ran into the bed

ng on her shoes, "Herring, just put it there after you finishing eating. I'll clean it when I come back tonight. Of course, if possible, you can help me wash it, and I'll go first! "

She was eager to escape from him, but she didn't expect him to be so obedient when he woke up early in the morning. She felt that God was helping her.

Before she could open the door, her wrist was held by a big hand. With a gentle pull, she fell into a warm embrace.

"Herring! What are you doing? "

Herring raised her chin and looked straight into her eyes, "since you've already taken me as your husband, shouldn't you go home now? "

"Go home? Husband? " Bonnie looked him up and down in confusion. "This is my home. Besides, you are not my husband. I just treat you as a guest. "

The coldness on Herring's face became more and more, "Cherry, do you like to piss me off so much? "

"You are Herring? "

All of a sudden, Bonnie felt the change in him. He was the cold man actually, not the warm boy at all.

Hearing this, Herring became angrier. "Cherry, is it meaningful for you to do this? Don't you know whether I'm Herring or not? "

'Oh my God! It's really that bad guy! '.

Bonnie pushed him two times and said, "Herring, get out of my way now. I'm Bonnie, not Cherry. You can't do this to me. "

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