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   Chapter 97 I Want To Sleep With You In My Arms

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Squinting his eyes, Kevin looked at her up and down in confusion.

Bonnie smiled faintly. "Mr. Kevin, he is such a bad guy. How could I hide him in my place?"

"Well, he is missing tonight. I'm afraid that he will come to make trouble for you. I'll stay here tonight." Then Kevin walked in from her side.

Bonnie felt helpless. Why did they have to pester her.

"Mr. Kevin, I don't think it's appropriate."

With a smile, Kevin waved at her and said, "it's okay. I'll sleep on the sofa. You can go to bed now."

"Mr. Kevin, if you are going to do that, I'll resign." Bonnie said coldly.

In fact, she was very grateful to Kevin. If it weren't for him today, she would have been raped.

But there was something more important in front of her, so she had to apologize to him first.

After a short pause, Kevin stood up from the sofa and smiled, "Okay, I'm not here. Go to bed early. Call me if you need anything."


After sending him away, Bonnie rushed into the small room. As soon as she opened the door, she saw that Herring was staring at her with a red face. She was frightened and couldn't help trembling, and the idea of running away flashed through her mind.

It seemed that Herring had sensed her thoughts. He suppressed his distress and smiled, "Cherry, where is the medicine you bought for me? I feel so bad now. "

All of a sudden, Bonnie didn't know what to do. She didn't have any medicine for him. With a smile, Herring said, "Cherry, come and help me. I'm almost unable to hold on any longer. Go to the bathroom and let me wash with the cold water."


Bonnie's mind was full of the previous scenes. She didn't know how to get close to him, or what would happen after she got close to him.

She was really scared that she was almost forced to do that kind of thing two times in this day.

Herring forced himsel

. She didn't think too much about it. She felt that all of them thought she was Cherry, just because they couldn't forget the person before.

Feeling wronged, Herring curled his lips and smoothly lay on her. "Cherry, you've never been so fierce to me before. You're naughty, cute, gentle, kind-hearted, and you've taken good care of me. Why are you like this now?"

"Get up! Why are you still lying on the ground? " Bonnie tried to push him away angrily, but in vain.

Herring held her shamelessly. "No, if you don't promise me, I will hold you like this the whole night. Anyway, I want to sleep with you on the same bed. The drug has been removed from my body and I will never bother you again. Just let me sleep here, please."

"You! You are shameless! "

Bonnie was so angry that she didn't know what to say.

With a big smile on his face, Herring hugged her happily and said, "Cherry, don't be so angry. You said that I love you so much and you love me too. It's natural for the two of us to be together. If you don't allow me to hurt you, I can stay away from you, but you must let me sleep with you."


Bonnie suddenly became irritable. She could pretend to be pitiful to subdue that previous bossy and cold Herring.

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