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   Chapter 96 I Like You To Drug Me

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Sherry was shocked by what Kevin said for a long time.

"Got it!"

Those bodyguards were all ready, as if they were going to pull her out to execute a sentence.

What did he just say? He wanted to find her a pimp!

Sherry's brain was buzzing. She knelt down in front of him and pulled his arm, "Mr. Kevin! No! What did I do wrong? Tell me, I will change. Don't do this to me! "

"You know what you have done wrong." With a flick of his big hand, Kevin threw her to the ground, and his eyes, which were gentle before, were filled with coldness.

"Sherry Su, listen to me clearly. From now on, you can't bully either Cherry Li or Bonnie Leng. If she is in danger, I will count on you!"


Sherry crawled to him in a hurry, "Mr. Kevin! You can't do this! I was wrong, okay? I won't do that again. Please don't make such a judgment, or I will be wronged! "

"Shut up!"

With a cold look in Kevin's eyes, he walked outside and ordered, "get rid of her as soon as possible."

"Mr. Kevin!"

Sherry shouted desperately, but it was useless. The bodyguards immediately took her away.

Her eyes were full of hatred.

Kevin Qi, I won't let you go this life. I hate you!


"Damn it! This man is so heavy. I'm so tired."

Bonnie took Herring to her room and locked him in a small room. She kicked him in disgust and said, "just stay here. That's what happened when you bully me!"

When she was about to leave, Herring suddenly grabbed her leg, "hot, I'm so hot, come here..."

"Why are you so hot?"

Bonnie squatted down and tried to get rid of his hand. Une

He had been so domineering, barbaric and unreasonable before. She could have thrown him to the roadside, but she was really worried about him like this.

She turned around, opened the door and ran out. She took a deep breath and opened the door with a smile. "Mr. Kevin, why are you here?"

"Bonnie, are you okay?"

Kevin held her hands and looked her up and down nervously.

Bonnie withdrew her hand and smiled, "thank you for your concern, Mr. Kevin. I'll be fine. It's getting late now. You can go back first."

"Are you okay?" Confused, Kevin asked, "If nothing happens. Why are you crying?"

Bonnie touched her face in a hurry. She even forgot to wipe her tears just now. She wiped her face casually, and smiled, revealing a row of white teeth. "I splashed water on my face by accident. Mr. Kevin. I'm fine. Don't worry. "

"Is Herring here with you?"

He looked inside and found nothing unusual, but he was still worried.

Bonnie quickly put herself back to her usual cold look, "Herring Han? Why is that bad guy here? "


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