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   Chapter 92 I'm Your Girlfriend

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"You still hate me, don't you?" Feeling empty in his hand, Herring blinked at her.

Bonnie didn't want to be soft to him all the time. She clenched her fists and said, "Yes!"

"Okay." The voice of Herring was full of grieve. He turned around and walked towards the crowd, and threw the tomatoes on sticks aside.

Bonnie felt very sad and wanted to cry. She really wanted to know why she couldn't control her emotions when facing this man?

"Bonnie, why are you here?" Kevin's voice sounded, with a trace of gentle and sunny.

Bonnie calmed down immediately and looked up at him with a faint smile. "Nothing. I just came here to have a look. I'm sorry, I..."

Kevin smiled and interrupted her. "You don't have to say sorry to me. I've told you that you can go out to have fun even at work."

"Mr. Kevin, I want to go back." Bonnie returned to her usual cold manner.

Kevin frowned and said, "don't you want to play here anymore? I want to play with you for a while. "

"No, thanks."

Bonnie was really afraid that she would meet Herring. There were too many unexpected situation with him, and she couldn't stand it.

No wonder her master said she didn't want to be with him. He was indeed a magical demon.

Seeing that she was in such a bad condition, Kevin didn't force her anymore. "Okay, let's go back together."

In fact, he came here to investigate, but since Bonnie was going back, it didn't matter whether he would investigate or not.

When they just arrived at the door, Bonnie suddenly felt very flustered for no reason. Her first instinct was that the idiot, Herring, had an accident again!

She turned around and was about to run into the room. But Kevin caught up with her in a hurry. "Bonnie! What are you doing? "

"I'm looking for someone!" There was a trace of crying in Bonnie's usual calm voice.

Kevin frowned. "Who ar

erring." A complacent smile appeared on Sherry's face, and her mind was full of a beautiful future.

When she was about to get on the car, she suddenly saw Cherry running over. She smiled and asked them to drive first.

Then she stopped in front of her and asked, "Cherry, where are you going?"

"I'm not Cherry Li. You've mistaken me for someone else." Bonnie was very anxious. She looked around, but didn't see Herring.

Did she lose her memory again?

Sherry squinted slightly, "then who are you?"

"It's none of your business who I am." Bonnie's attitude was unusually bad.

Sherry looked her up and down and said, "Cherry, I'm your best friend. Don't you know me?"

Why did she have a good friend?

Hearing this, Bonnie stopped immediately. "I really don't know you. Maybe I look so much like the Cherry you mentioned. But I'm sorry, I'm really not her. My name is Bonnie Leng."

"Then let's make friends again." Sherry looked at her with a smile. It was not easy to squeeze out a trace of kindness on her face. Seeing that she was a little vigilant, she quickly smiled and said, "Bonnie, you really look like my best friend. She has disappeared for two years. I miss her very much. Please make friends with me, okay?"

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