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   Chapter 54 I've Always Been Smart

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"Ah! " Cherry covered her ankle in pain, and her face was deathly pale.

Sherry and the girls were shocked by her.

Avril looked at Cherry's ankle anxiously, "Cherry, what's going on? "

Cherry pretended to be aggrieved and shook her head. "Nothing. I think Sherry must have kicked it by accident just now. "

"Are you sure? She knew you had a leg injury. " Avril looked at Sherry indignantly.

Regardless of her own hands, Sherry shook her head and said, "no, I didn't do that. "

Cherry smiled gracefully, "Avril, Sherry has always been my best friend. How could she do such a thing? She must have bumped into it by accident just now. It doesn't matter. "

"No matter what, go with me to apply some medicine first. " Noah picked Cherry up in a hurry. When he left the tent, he gave Sherry a stern look.

Sherry was stunned. Just now, all the situation was on her side. Why did everyone care about Cherry now?


"Noah! Put me down! " Cherry glared at Noah.

A charming smile appeared on the corner of Noah's mouth. "Why didn't you let me put you down when I helped you just now? "

"What did you help me? " There was an unnatural look on Cherry's face.

Holding her in his arms, Noah sat in his tent, took out the ointment, lifted her leg and gently wiped it.

"Do you think I know nothing? Just now, Sherry kept framing you. You had no choice but to frame her instead. But if I didn't help you, do you think you could succeed? "

Cherry was stunned. "You..."

A smug smile appeared on the corner of Noah's mouth.

"Do you really want to praise me? I know I have always been very smart. In fact, when you made friends with Sherry, I had already noticed it. For example, it was her who push you to fall into the water this time, so I didn't save her and prepa

g me! Let go of me! Are you crazy? "

As if he hadn't heard her words at all, Noah grasped her hand more and more tightly. When Cherry was about to shout, Avril suddenly rushed in, pushed Noah aside, took her hand and ran out.

Depressed, Noah sat on the ground. The push just now directly pushed him back to reality. He didn't know what had happened just now, but it seemed that he was not himself. Why was so extreme.

Why did he suddenly care about Cherry?

Didn't he say that he was just acting? Why did he feel that he had already kept her in his heart?

It made him very unhappy. He threw the ointment on the ground and made the tent a mess.



How could he fall in love with such a silly girl!

"Cherry, I was so scared just now. Fortunately, I saved you, or your husband would be jealous if he knew it. "

Avril took Cherry to a quiet place and patted her chest, out of breath. Her face was full of a sense of accomplishment.

"…" Cherry looked at her speechlessly. Why did she always like to mention Herring in front of her?

Why did everyone feel that she liked Herring?

Avril said so, so did Noah. Did she really like that iceberg?

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