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   Chapter 53 The Pretentious Woman Began To Fuss

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It was just that Noah came up with Cherry in his arms. He didn't know who would be the first one now.

The teacher didn't know how to judge. When Noah was about to give up, Cherry said first, "teacher, it's Noah. He lead the road for us. He must be the first one."

"Teacher! They two were a couple! I don't know if they can get the first place together! "

A classmate suddenly shouted.

Noah looked at him admiringly. Cherry gritted her teeth and said, "teacher, don't listen to their nonsense. I'm not a couple with Noah. I have a boyfriend. Now it was just a leg injury, Noah Han! Put me down! "

No one had ever dared to humiliate Noah like this. It had been more than once. He couldn't lose face again in front of so many people.

In that case, his reputation as Noah Han would be a joke?

With a snicker at the corners of his mouth, he looked at Cherry affectionately and said, "Cherry, don't lose your temper with me. Let's go home first. All right, come down."

Cherry gnashed her teeth and glared at him. When she came down, she gave him a hard kick. In order not to lose face, Noah pretended that nothing had happened, but still maintained his debonair smile.

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Cherry gave a defiant look at Noah and limped back to Avril.

Avril had already prepared the ointment. She helped Cherry sit on a stone and frowned when she saw her ankle swollen.

"Cherry, hold on. I'll be gentle and try not to make you feel pain."

Looking at Avril's careful and serious look, Cherry felt warmth in her heart.

Noah rolled his eyes at Avril. If she hadn't been with Cherry, he might have had more chances to show his strength!

What the teacher gave him this time was actually a Kongming Lantern When Noah just got it, he was a little disdainful. But when the teacher told him that he could make a wish, he was finally interested in i

are you talking about inside?" The teacher, some girls and Noah came in. Seeing that Sherry was crying, the girls quickly ran to her and comforted her.

"Sherry, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying? "

As soon as Sherry saw them, she cried even harder. "It's all because of what happened during the day. Cherry blamed me for not saving her. I'm apologizing now. It's none of your business. Thank you for your concern. Please go back to have a rest. Leave me alone."

How dare she frame her up so blatantly!

Cherry angrily shook her off. "Sherry Su! I never said that! "

Sherry covered her hands in pain, her face pale and trembling.

"Cherry, I know you're still blaming me for not being able to save you. I know you're angry that someone said I'm prettier than you, but you can't do such thing to me."

Those girls quickly pulled out Sherry's hand. When they saw her bloody hand, they screamed, and Sherry pretended to be embarrassed and put her hand away.

"Please get out of here quickly. I'm really fine. Cherry must be too angry just now. Let's discuss it by ourselves."

The pretentious woman started to act again!

Cherry was about to explode with anger. Seeing that all the situation was not on her side, she had to

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