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   Chapter 37 There Are A Reason

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The man sat on the bed domineeringly. Looking at his posture, Cherry knew that he must want her to take off his clothes.

Cherry's heart was pounding fast. She had never been so uncomfortable before. Fortunately, she had her hidden weapon with her, and she would definitely daze him later.

As soon as she entered the room, she observed the situation around first.

The room was so big.

Although it was not as big as the house of Herring, it was interesting to kidnap her here.

And it seemed that it was easy to escape.

"Brother, you must have been tired all day long. Let me massage your back to relieve your fatigue. "

With her gentle attack, almost no man could disobey her.

With such confidence, she walked to his side and was about to massage his back. Unexpectedly, he grabbed her and pressed her on the bed. The fire in his eyes seemed to devour her.

This time, Cherry was really scared. She didn't expect that her plan would failed, and she would lose her virginity. It seemed that not everyone was as kind-hearted as Herring.

"Bro... Brother, don't be so hurry, okay? Let's relax and take a shower at first, okay? "

The smile in the man's eyes became wider, with a hint of aggressiveness. "No, I don't know what tricks you will play."

Cherry gave him a very sweet smile. "Well, Brother, let me show you something. "

"No, I won't. I just want to have sex with you today, or I will suffer losses. " The man reached out his hand and was about to tear her clothes. It was not easy for Cherry to reach out a hand. She quickly took out the small bottle and sprayed it crazily on his face.


The man fell on her at once. Like a survivor of a disaster, Cherry kept panting. She didn't want to use this trick, but he force her and didn't listen to her.

Now, the situation became so.

He was suicidal.

Cherry pushed him aside in disgust

didn't know what interesting things would happen later.

"Cherry, why are you here?" Noah pretended to ask her unintentionally.

Cherry didn't even bother to look at him. She disdained to talk to such a despicable man.

Embarrassed, Noah forced a smile and said, "Cherry, I was really wrong last time. I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But we are best friends. How can you ignore me?

Do you know how anxious I was when I heard that you disappeared? It's not easy to find you, but you still hate me so much. I feel so sad. Can you say something to me? "

Cherry still didn't want to talk to him. This guy was so hateful. If he succeeded in last time, wouldn't she be beaten to death by Herring?

And it was very embarrassing.

At that time, Sherry, that little bitch, would definitely be complacent to death, and she, Cherry, would completely become their laughing stock!

What a horrible thing! Noah thought I just need an apology.

Then why do we need the police? People like him should be locked up in prison!

"In fact, there is a reason why I did that." The tone of Noah's words was full of sadness, and his originally enthusiastic eyes seemed to be covered with ice that had not melted for ten thousand years.

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