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   Chapter 35 Don't Let Anything Happen to You

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Cherry had thought that they were going to sit here to interrogate them, but the next second Herring picked her up and walked upstairs leisurely.

Her eyes were full of doubts. "What are you doing, Herring? We finally caught them. Don't you want to interrogate them here? "

With a faint smile in his eyes, he said, "interrogation is what they want to do. We have more important things to do."

"Do we have something important to do?" Cherry stared at him in confusion.

"What do you think? Soon we will go to visit Grandma again. We have to hurry up. "

Cherry panicked and pushed him several times angrily. When she saw the bedroom door getting closer and closer, she frowned like a walnut.

"Herring, we were just trying to coax Grandma. You can't do this. No matter what you want later, I won't agree. Let go of me! "

"Whether you agree or not, this is your duty."

"No!" This time, Cherry couldn't push him anymore. She was held tightly by him, unable to move her hands and feet.

After Herring put her on the bed, Cherry looked around, with a cunning look in her eyes. When he was about to kiss her, she suddenly hit his forehead with her head. Seeing him stop, she was very proud.

"Herring! Let go of me, or I'll kill myself! No, even if I die, I will take you with me! "

When Herring saw her red forehead, he felt very distressed. He had planned to let her go, but she refused him so much. It was really annoying.

"Don't worry. I won't let you die as long as you are together with me. "

Cherry was really annoying to see that Herring was bullying her but proud. It seemed that she couldn't deal with this guy toughly. He would only be tougher than you.


When Herring was about to bully her again, two lines of tears were left on Cherry's delicate face. Her little face

fire of destruction burst out in Herring's eyes.

He drove the car at full speed.

At this moment, Herring couldn't figure out why she escaped from him again and again. Did she hate him so much?

Was he dispensable to her?

"Mr. Herring, we couldn't find Miss Cherry everywhere like last time. Do you think that he has been taken away? "

Herring frowned tightly. He had been so worried before that he didn't thought about this.

There had always been many enemies of him, and they had been particularly active recently. They would definitely target the people around him.

Perhaps, the group of people before was just to attract his attention.

With this idea, he became more anxious.

For the first time, he felt restless.

'Cherry, don't let anything happen to you!'!


"Who the hell are you! Why did you take me away! Let me go. Do you hear me? "

Cherry glared at the group of people angrily. She just wanted to run out before, but this time she didn't want to let Herring find her, so that he couldn't bully her again.

But to her surprise, as soon as she went out, she was caught by such a group of people.

None of them was willing to speak, as if they were all dumb.

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