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   Chapter 34 Hold My Hand Tightly

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Cherry touched her lips which had just been kissed by him. They were red and swollen. He really didn't know how to be tender to a woman!

But why did she feel a little happy?

In fact, her body liked his touch and liked these intimate behavior, but her brain just couldn't accept it.

In her mind, Herring was a jerk, who would only order others and never care about what she thought.

He was a real male chauvinist.

Why should she do such a thing with him.


"Are you really leaving so soon? Don't you want to spend more time with grandma? " Grandma looked at them with a reluctant look.

Herring stood there like an iceberg, as if it was none of his business. Cherry smiled awkwardly, "grandma, we will be with you after a period of time, but today we really have to go back to deal with something. Next time, we will accompany you for a long time, okay?"

"Okay. Next time, you must give grandma a great grandson." Grandmother patted her hand with a smile and looked at her belly meaningfully.

The corners of her mouth twitched two times. Before she could say anything, a pair of warm hands wrapped her hands. A cold and magnetic voice sounded above her head.

"Grandma, we will try our best. Goodbye."

"Okay." Grandma was very happy to see the two of them love each other so much.

After getting in the car, Herring still held her hand. Cherry felt strange and couldn't pull it out. She stared at him angrily.

"Let go of me, Herring Han."

"Why?" Herring's thin lips touched, but he still held her hands tightly without any signs of loosening.

"Just because I don't like you to hold me." Cherry snorted angrily.

Herring frowned, "if you don't like it, you have to let me hold it. I'm trying to promote our relationship."

"Who wants to promote the relationship with you? Let go of me quickly." Cherry raised his hand and

y calm look. She glared at him angrily. When she was about to speak, he suddenly spoke again, holding her hand more tightly. "When you are afraid, hold my hand tightly. No matter what happens, don't let it go."

It seemed that he was not that hateful.

Cherry was suddenly moved. She pursed her lips and said, "yes."

"Humph! Now that no matter how hard we try, it's not our fault. Let's go! "

As soon as she finished speaking, those cars rushed over, but Herring didn't move. Cherry thought he was hopeless and wanted things to run on its own course, but when a group of cars appeared beside their cars, she knew what was fearless.

Those cars that bullied them were frightened to run away as soon as they saw so many helpers coming, but it was not easy for Herring to let them go.

After all, they just wanted to take his woman away.

After a while, Herring took Cherry's hand and sat on the sofa at home. The group of people were all caught, and they were all tied up and knelt on the ground.

Herring gave a glance to the assistant next to him. The assistant immediately understood and changed to a fierce position.

"Tell me! Who sent you here? "

The group of people trembled with fear, but they didn't say anything.

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