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   Chapter 33 She Is Mine

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After dinner, Grandma held Cherry's hand and chatted a lot of things. She also told her a lot of embarrassing things of Herring that happened in the childhood. When Cherry saw the changing face of Herring, she smiled more happily.

Herring always looked at them unconsciously. When he saw the sweet smile on Cherry's face, he felt warm in his heart. He hoped that everything would go on like this.

Grandma's eyes wandered between them and she yawned. "I'm sleepy. You'd better go and have a nap. The room is ready for you. Hurry up. I take you there. "

Cherry had thought that they could be divided into two rooms, but she didn't expect that Grandma would push them into a room and lock the door from the outside.

"Cherry, Herring, have a good rest inside. There is everything in it. Grandma will wake you up at dinner time. "

After Grandma finished her words, Cherry wanted to say something, such as letting her go to another room, but Grandma had already run away.

"Herring, Let me tell you..."

As soon as Cherry turned around and was about to say something to Herring, she didn't expect that he had already fallen asleep on the bed. She had thought a lot in her mind just now, but all of it was shattered at this moment. There was a little loneliness in her heart.

From the beginning to the end, he was quite leisurely, as if he was on a vacation.

He seemed to have reserved a place for her, but Cherry didn't want to sleep with him anymore. Although she felt it was good to sleep with a handsome man, she was furious at the thought of his domineering and proud appearance in the morning.

Her eyes drifted to the sofa beside and she ran to it to sleep. Anyway, it was better to sleep on the sofa than by his si

bed and quilt. "

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of door opening rang out. Cherry lay there calmly. Herring rushed to the bedside, jumped onto the bed and held her in his arms.

This series of actions were so fast that Cherry was startled. As soon as his big hand put on her waist, Grandma opened the door and came in.

She held a quilt in her arms.

Cherry looked at the big quilt on the bed and thought, 'Grandma is obviously here to spy on them...'

When Grandma saw them cuddling and sleeping together, she smiled so happily that her eyes narrowed into a seam and covered them with the quilt. "Have a good sleep. If it's still cold, hold each other tightly. I'll go out first. "

Cherry smiled like a flower, "goodbye, Grandma. "

Seeing the door was locked again, Cherry curled her lips. She had thought that Herring would leave at this time, but his big hand was still on her waist, and her breath became heavy.

She belonged to him, which was destined from the very beginning.

Seeing the grievance and resistance in her eyes, Herring's brain buzzed. He loosened her abruptly and rushed into the bathroom at a very fast speed.

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