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   Chapter 30 Sounds Good

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Did she start to be jealous again?

Cherry felt a little helpless. She smiled and said, "We have never been in the same room before. Today is the first time, so I feel a little nervous, so I asked you to go with me. You can change here. I'll go to get something."

"Okay." Sherry was excited, but she still looked calm.

With two bottles of wine in her hands, Cherry walked in. She looked much better when she saw that Sherry had changed her clothes, but there were too many of skin to be exposed?

She put the wine on the table and asked seemingly unintentionally, "Sherry, are you cold in this dress?"

Sherry pressed her lips and smiled gently, "no, it's not cold. It's too hot in this house. I often wear this at home. If you don't want me to wear this, I'll change it."

Cherry smiled and shook her head. "No, you look good in this way. Just wear it. I'll change my clothes too. By the way, there are two bottles of wine over there. You can drink one."

"Do you still want to drink?" Sherry looked at the two bottles of wine in confusion.

Cherry shrugged helplessly and curled her lips. "I've told you before. Now that Herring is drunk, we have to carry some alcohol smell with us, or he will be unhappy."

"All right." Sherry had no choice but to pick up the bottle of wine.

Cherry smiled, "if you really don't want to drink, then don't drink too much."

"Okay." Sherry nodded with a smile, as if she wanted to drink less, but she drank a lot and her face turned red.

Seeing her like this, Cherry was very happy. She came to her side, picked up a bottle of wine, and took two sips. She took deep breaths in disgust and said, "this wine is too bad. I really don't like drinking."

Sherry found that Cherry had changed her clothes. She looked at her up and down and asked in confusion, "Cherry, why are you dressed so thick? Are you cold? "

Cherry looked at her clothes and said, "no, I just like to wear these clothes. Well, we have changed our clothes and drunk the wine. Hurry up and go with me, or it will be too late later."

Sherry thought that it was because Herring was hurry that Cherry said so, which made her excited and nervous. Maybe she could make it this time.

When Cherry was about to turn around and leave, Sherry suddenly pulled her and handed the bottle of wine to her. "Cherry, have another sip of the wine."

"Why?" Cherry narrowed her eyes and felt something wrong.

With a helpless smile, Sherry said, "only by drinking more can you pluck up your courage."

Cherry understood and smiled. She took the wine gratefully. "Well, you are so kind to me. I'll have another drink."

After drinking the wine, just as the two of them walked to the door, Cherry suddenly felt dizzy. She patted on Sherry's shoulder and said, "Sherry, I feel a little uncomfortable. I suddenly feel sleepy."

With a successful smile at the corners of her mouth, Sherry turned around and held her worriedly. "If you feel uncomfortable, I'll accompany you to have a rest here. When you have a good rest, we can go together."

Cherry frowned and shook her head, pretending to be dizzy. "No way. Herring has been waiting there for a long time. If I do

n't go there, he will scold me again."

"Then what should we do?" Sherry was in a dilemma.

With a slight frown, Cherry looked at her with a hint of request in her eyes. "Sherry, how about you go there first? I'll go there when I feel ok."

Sherry was extremely excited, but she still looked embarrassed. "This is... Is it appropriate? "

A thick smile flashed across Cherry's eyes. She nodded in a daze and said, "yes, that's definitely appropriate. You'd better hurry up to help me, or I will be scolded to death by him."

Sherry chuckled to herself in her heart, 'what a silly girl!'.

What a good chance.

Sherry sighed helplessly, "well, I'll go to check it for you and explain it to you by the way. I'll come back to you later."

It sounded nice.

Cherry sneered in her heart and nodded gratefully. "Okay, I know Sherry is the best."

When Sherry left, she looked back many times at a time, as if she was really worried about Cherry. She looked embarrassed and entangled. If she hadn't seen through Sherry, she might have taken it seriously.

As soon as Sherry went out, Cherry quickly took some antidotes to relieve her previous symptoms.

She didn't expect that Sherry would really dare to drug her here. When it comes to climb towards Herring, she was insane.

Originally, Cherry just wanted to deceive Sherry with her own trick, but she didn't expect that Sherry had also prepared it, which made the whole thing more real.

It also let her see the true face of Sherry.

She had done everything she could.

She would make a fool of herself later.

She took a look at her watch and found that it was almost the time.


After waking up, Herring was confused. He first touched the side, but there was no one. He stood up and looked around, only to find that Cherry had already disappeared.

The previous scene flashed through her mind.

He immediately came to his senses, put on his coat and walked out of the room. His cold eyes flashed over the two bodyguards. "Where is Cherry?"

The two bodyguards were confused. "Mr. Herring, didn't you ask Miss Cherry to leave?"

Clenching his fists, Herring's eyes were full of anger and a trace of helplessness.

Cherry was really a troublemaker.

The two bodyguards understood that they were fooled again.

He quickly contacted all the parties and found out the whereabouts of Cherry. "Mr. Han, Miss Cherry is sleeping in the house now."

Herring was so angry that he almost lost his temper. He asked her to explain to him why she escaped, but she drugged him and made him faint.

Now, she left him alone in the hotel, while she went home to have a good sleep!

What a leisurely life!


"Mr. Herring?"

Sherry straightened her clothes and called out gently, but no one answered her. She called out again, but still no one answered her.

It suddenly occurred to her that Cherry had told her that Herring was drunk and asleep.

With a complacent smile on her face, she pushed the door open and walked in. When she saw "Herring Han" covered his head with a quilt, she felt that he was so cute that he fell asleep when he was drunk.

It was really different from usual.

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