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   Chapter 28 Moved At This Moment

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Looking at the two of them leaving quietly, a bitter smile appeared at the corners of Kevin's mouth, but his heart was burning with fire.

It turned out that she was Herring's woman.

It seemed that he still had a long way to go.


As soon as Herring took Cherry into the hotel room, he held her tightly. No matter how much she asked him, he didn't say anything.

It seemed that he just wanted to hold her in this way.

Cherry didn't think the bright side of this. She felt that Herring must be using some new tactics and thinking about how to imprison her.

She had to figure out a strategy.

"Herring, you must be very tired. Let me massage your shoulders."

After being hugged for a while, Cherry was thrown to the bed of the hotel by him. She couldn't help swallowing.

Did he want to come again?

She gave him a flattering smile.

She thought she could have a good time these days, but she didn't expect to be caught by him so soon!

But it felt good to be held in his arms. Why was she a little reluctant?

Looking at her young and beautiful appearance, there was a trace of sweetness and charm in her, a fire rose in Herring's eyes unconsciously.

But in an instant, it was pressed down by him again.

He couldn't be so good to her now. He must punish her.

Let's see if she dare to leave him again!

When she saw that Herring sat on the bed calmly, she immediately kneaded his shoulder and kept asking him if her strength was good or not. If he didn't say anything, then it was not okay. IF he "hum", that means ok.

Cherry curled her lips and thought, 'hum! You are so arrogant even when you bully me. You still can't change your bad temper!'!

Seeing that Cherry was massaging her back and smiling at him foolishly, Herring felt that he had seen her again, but not as submissive as before.

With more sweetness and obedience, he suddenly felt guilty. He had been so bad to her before that she kept trying to escape from him.

"Cherry, are you afraid of me?"

Hearing this, Cherry stopped hammering his back for a second and then beat it naturally.

"No, I'm not afraid of you. How can I be afraid of you! How do you feel that I'm afraid of you? Don't underestimate me. "

It was easy for Herring to believe what she said. He smiled and nodded slightly.

"Do you hate me?"

Cherry felt that Herring was crazy today. Why was he so gentle all of a sudden?

She really wanted to say, yes, she really hated him.

But she still didn't dare to do that. What's more, she had to carry out her next plan. She chuckled and said, "what are you talking about? How can I hate you? I was just kidding. "

"Then why don't you want to stay with me? Why do you run away every time? "

Suddenly, Herring turned around and grasped her wrist tightly.

Cherry was stunned by his burning eyes. She was frightened again by his behavior and quickly loosened her wrist.

"Give me a reason."

Looking at the deep eyes of Herring, Cherry admitted that she was moved at this moment.

Her beating heart was interrupted by herself. A big smile appeared on her face. She got out of bed, poured him a glass of milk and handed it to him with a smile.

"Come o

n, have some milk. I'll tell you everything after drinking it."

Looking at the gentle and demure look of Cherry, Herring took the cup for some reason. Looking at her sweet smile, he drank up the milk in one breath.

The smile on Cherry's face widened. She took the glass and said, "great. I'll put the cup over there and tell you right away."

Bearing the laughter that she wanted to burst out, she got out of bed and put the quilt on the table aside. She bent down to count, "one, two, three, fall."


"Yeah!" Cherry happily turned around and saw that Herring was lying on the bed. The smile on her face was so smug that she jumped over, pinched him on the face and rubbed it weirdly.

With a reluctant and admiring smile on her face, she said, "it feels so good! I'm leaving now!"

When she was about to reach the door, she turned back and ran back to kiss him on the lips.

Then she walked out with satisfaction. As soon as she opened the door, she saw two bodyguards guarding the door, looking very fierce.

It seemed that Herring had already arranged it.

Cherry immediately pretended to be about to cry. "Mr. Herring said he hated me and kicked me out. He asked me to get out now."

The two bodyguards sympathized with her. They had already known that Cherry often made their boss angry recently, and it was not surprising that such a situation happened. They immediately let her go.

Cherry lowered her head and closed the door. She walked a few steps downstairs and then turned around with a very serious expression. "Mr. Herring said that no one was allowed to disturb him, or you wouldn't be able to stay by his side."

"Thank you, Miss Cherry." The two bodyguards were very grateful to her. They liked to stay with Herring.

The salary was good and the benefit was huge.

Holding back her laughter, Cherry ran out quickly and made a victory posture at the door of the hotel, jumping happily.

She finally escaped from his control!

She glanced at the upstairs complacently, got on a car quickly and returned to her original city.

The people in the villa were surprised to see that Cherry had come back, but they didn't see their dear master. Someone hurried to report.

After all, they almost got into trouble because of the disappearance of Cherry last time. Herring was so angry.

Lying on her king-sized bed happily, Cherry was very excited when she thought of the irritable look of Herring when he woke up. She kept laughing.

All of a sudden, she heard the door move slightly. She felt that someone must have come here secretly.

The servant didn't find it. Was it?

She guessed who it was.

She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She hadn't seen this guy for so many days. He must have some other plans since she just came back.

She used to be nice to him, but she just want to make fun of him. He thought she was a fool and couldn't see anything. That's absolutely wrong.

She knew from the beginning that he was just using her.

Although she hated this guy very much, it was okay to play with him.

When she heard the door open, she felt a little excited and tightly held the bottle of pepper spray in her hand.

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