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   Chapter 27 How Much I Miss You

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She ran away?

His heart twitched and he frowned tightly. He pursed his lips and roared in a low voice, "find out her."

He didn't believe that Cherry had left him like this. She must be playing with him. Maybe she was hiding somewhere in the villa.

Yes, it must be.

Even so, he couldn't resist the panic in his heart. Under the calm and cold face, there was infinite anger and a trace of heartache.

"Mr. Herring, we have searched the whole villa, but we haven't found Miss Cherry. "

"I asked you to keep an eye on her, didn't I?" Herring glanced at everyone with infinite coldness in his eyes.

The servants were all shivering and didn't dare to say a word.

Herring specially ran to the bedroom to check it carefully. He thought that Cherry had always been so considerate for him, and she would not leave so casually.

She must have left him a note or something.

But there was nothing.

She just ran away.

Herring frowned tightly.

How did she leave?

It suddenly occurred to him that she jumped out of the car in order to escape from him last time.

But this time...

He didn't dare to think further. Cherry could do anything now.

All of a sudden, he regretted locking her inside. She was like a free spirit now, unable to be bound.

He should have known it earlier...

Herring stood up and walked out with his men. The silver gray car disappeared in the night.

He didn't dare to let her stay outside for one more second, if so, she might be more dangerous. Last time, after she ran away, she actually stayed with Noah.

What about this time?

Did she go to meet him again?

"Mr. Herring, Miss Cherry's phone positioning doesn't work. She seems to change her phone again and her SIM card. "

"Mr. Herring, Mr. Noah is having fun outside now, but not with Miss Cherry together. "

"Mr. Herring, we have searched the school and the home of Miss Sherry and Miss Avril, but Miss Cherry is not there. "

"Mr. Herring, we have searched all the hotels and inns in the city, but we didn't find Miss Cherry. "

Sitting in the car, Herring listened to these reports. Although he hadn't slept for a day and a night, he still felt energetic.

As long as he didn't find her, he would never slack off!

But the tiredness on his face and the blood streak in his eyes had betrayed him.

Thinking of what happened these days, he suddenly felt himself ridiculous. He had thought that she was just a high-level servant to him.

His attachment to her was just because they had been together for a long time. He was used to being taken care of by her and could not live without her.

But at the moment when Cherry disappeared in his life, he seemed to feel that he had lost the most precious treasure in the world.

A word appeared in his mind.


Cherry, where are you now?

He knew that Cherry was very smart. She always liked to go to places that others didn't expect, but she would never go far.


As soon as Cherry got out of the car, she heard someone calling her. She turned around in confusion.

Of course, when she saw the boy she saved in the suburb before, a smile instantly bloomed on her face. "It's you. How do you know my name? "

When the boy saw her, his face turned

a little red and he pursed his lips and said, "I... Cherry, in fact, we studied in the same university. You are a senior in Grade 3. "

Cherry was surprised. "What a coincidence!"

The boy nodded his head repeatedly. "Yes, it's really a coincidence. I found you as soon as I entered the school. I wanted to greet you, but later I had something urgent to deal with, so I decided to meet you another day. "

"Oh, then why do you come to K city?" She was really excited that she could meet an acquaintance in another city.

Then they came to a restaurant. She knew that the boy's name was Kevin. This time, it was his father who sent him here. He said that he must get this case, or he would be punished.

At first, Cherry felt that she had been bullied badly by Herring, but after hearing what he said, she suddenly felt she was happy.

She always behaved like a leader, especially in front of bullied disciples.

"Don't worry. I will help you! Let's get this case together! "

A rare smile appeared on Kevin's face. "Thank you. "

In fact, he wanted to tell her that Cherry had saved him in the school bathroom, but he felt ashamed.

After all, they were at the same age at school. He couldn't even fight against those people. He couldn't speak it out.

He was always protected by the girl.

In fact, he felt very uncomfortable.

He had thought that Cherry would say something to help him, which was just a joke. He didn't expect that when the client came, he couldn't even speak clearly. He didn't know it was because he was a little nervous, or he was not familiar with the case.

However, Cherry helped him to ease the embarrassment quickly. She had never studied this case before, but she could make the design so reasonable, which made the client satisfied.

When Herring arrived, he happened to see this scene. His eyes instantly burst into anger, and the murderous atmosphere around him instantly shocked the whole restaurant.

Everyone's eyes were focused on this noble man.

Only Cherry was still twittering excitedly.

But it was rare for her to be so shrewd and capable.

He had underestimated her before.

'Wow, she is so capable. She even helped my competitor to talk about the case. It seems that I am too gentle to her!'!

He strode to the table. Cherry stopped talking immediately when she felt something was wrong. When she looked at the huge shadow beside her, her heart jolted and she thought, 'bad! '.

Perhaps because she was too scared, or for some other reasons, she jumped into his arms all of a sudden and rubbed him several times intimately. "Honey, you finally come to pick me up. Do you know how much I miss you? "

The burning fire was instantly extinguished by her. The atmosphere was filled with tenderness.

At this moment, the livid face of Herring also returned to the previous calm, and was a little red.

There was a flash of complacency in his heart that he didn't even notice.


Frowning, he was stunned the moment he saw Herring. His face turned pale.

"Mr. Herring? Cherry? You? "

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Herring's mouth, "Mr. Kevin? "

When Cherry was about to explain something, Herring took her away directly. She had no choice but to wave at him.

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