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   Chapter 26 Do You Want To Die

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Herring's voice suddenly appear, and there was a rhythmic sound on the stairs. The well cut suit made his tall figure more dignified.

The morning sun shone on him, as if he was coming out of the sun.

Sherry was infatuated with him. How could there be such a charming man in the world?

At the thought that Cherry Li could see the charm of Herring every day, Sherry gritted her teeth with hatred. She just wanted her to disappear from this world now!

"What are you doing?"

Her two arms were suddenly lifted up, which brought her back to earth at once. The two bodyguards said coldly, "I'm sorry, Miss Sherry. You'd better go out first."

"I..." Before she could finish her words, they threw her out.

Seeing that Herring got in the car, she quickly straightened her clothes and walked to his window in elegant and gentle steps. When she was about to speak, the car began to move, wiped her clothes and rushed out.

"Herring Han." She called out his name in a low voice that could only be heard by herself. "Sooner or later, I will let you know who is the best! Who suits you! "

Seeing the attitude of Herring to her, she was a little happy. It must be that idiot, Cherry, who made him angry, so he didn't like anyone, especially Cherry's best friend.


It must be like this!

"Please, uncle butler, could you let me in and have a look? Cherry must miss me very much now. She will be lonely. Let me in to accompany her for a while, okay? "

Sherry was still unremitting. With her sweet appearance, no one knew how many boys she had attracted. How could she not have any effect on this middle-aged man?

"……" The butler was speechless. Am I that old?

"No, Miss Sherry. This is master's order. No one is allowed to see Miss Cherry. Please go back."

Sherry stamped her feet in anger, squinted at the upstairs and looked back. "Can't I just see her for even a little while?"

"No, Miss Sherry. Master will definitely punish us if he knows it."

Sherry pressed her lips and said, "well, can you tell me what happened to Cherry? Just tell me a little. I'm really worried about her. "

The Butler pursed his lips and didn't say anything. He felt that if he continued to talk to Sherry, he would be pissed off by this girl. He had told her many times. She can't go in there.

Didn't she understand?

No wonder Sherry hated her.

Seeing that her words didn't work, Sherry was angry, but she didn't dare to show it. She had to leave in depression.

She had called Cherry several times before, but she never answered any of them, as if she didn't answer her phone on purpose.

Now she could only guess in secret, and there was no substantial evidence.

"Noah, are you going to find Cherry?" As soon as Sherry walked to the other side of the villa, she saw the red sports car of Noah. She smiled in her heart and walked towards him in very gentle steps, smiling sweetly at him.

Noah looked at his hair in the mirror. Hearing her voice, he turned his head and said, "yes, why are you here? Where is Cherry? Isn't she with you? "

Sherry pretended to be depressed and sighed, "No."

"What happened?" Noah looked at her doubtfully. He looked at her face for some time and then returned to the mirror. "Judging from your expression, it seems

that something is wrong."

Sherry was a little surprised. "Noah, didn't you go with Cherry yesterday? Did anything happen later? "

"Tell me where Cherry is now and what had happened to her."

At the thought of the fact that Herring had stolen all the people from him last night, Noah was furious. As soon as Noah showed his male charm towards Cherry, Herring came to steal his thunder.

How could he mention such a shameful thing again?

Sherry had to tell him everything she had experienced before. Noah was very surprised and asked, "what? How could Herring imprison Cherry? He don't allow her to go out? "

"Well, as far as I know, it's true." Sherry nodded and sizing up his expression.

With a smile in Noah's eyes, he thought that Herring must have been very angry this time?

It seemed that everything he had done these days was not in vain.

It would be best if she could piss Herring off to death!

He waved his hand and said, "well, I'm going to a place by now. You can go to school by yourself. Bye!"

"Noah, don't you want to see Cherry?" Sherry asked hurriedly.

Due to his personality, Noah had done some secrets things with Cherry last night. Now that she was locked up, could he bear it?

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Noah's mouth. "As you just said, no one is allowed to come in and out of the house. Why should I hit that nail?"

Then the car sped away.

[苏宁雪] stood still in a daze. His car almost knocked her down just now. She really didn't know how to be tender to a woman. It was not until now that she had caught up with cherry, which made her help him.

'Playboys only know how to play!'

Judging from the current situation, maybe something had happened between Cherry and Herring, or else Herring wouldn't be so angry, and Noah wouldn't be afraid of him. He wouldn't show that unspeakable expression when she asked about what happened last night.

A successful smile appeared on Sherry's face.

All of a sudden, she felt comfortable both physically and mentally. Except for Noah, who was not ambitious at all, she was quite satisfied with everything else.

"Miss Cherry, please have some food. Or to have some soup at least. What do you want? Say something. We'll get it ready for you right away. "

The servant stood at the door, holding the dishes and persuading earnestly.

As soon as Herring came back, he happened to see this scene. Without taking off his coat, he strode to the door of Cherry's room. When he saw so many dishes, he frowned tightly. "What happened? Or not? "

The servant nodded with fear. Every time Herring had such a stern expression, she felt that a storm was coming, and just wanted to stay away from it.

"Yes, master. Miss Cherry hasn't eaten for two days. She doesn't even drink water or say anything. All of us tried to persuade her, but it didn't work. I wonder how Miss Cherry is doing inside."

Herring clenched his fists, blue veins protruding on his forehead.

Cherry Li!

You have guts!

How dare you use cold violence!

If she didn't eat for two days, would she die!

With a bang, herring kicked the door open. He thought it would be good to see the cherry that he missed day and night, even if she stared at him aggressively.

But there was nothing.

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