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   Chapter 25 Restricting Personal Freedom

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Sherry nodded with grievance, "Okay, I'll tell you, Sara. Is that okay?"

Seeing her like this, Sara loosened her chin and snorted proudly. With an arrogant smile on Sara's face, she said, "that's right."

Sherry gritted her teeth and sighed helplessly, "I left with Cherry before, but on the way, I heard her told Noah that you must have done all these. And she wanted to find someone to revenge on you, the way is..."

"What? Tell me now! " Sara couldn't bear to see her being so hesitant.

Sherry pursed her lips and burst into tears. She knelt down in front of Sara and said, "Sara, it's all my fault. I did it, okay? What happened today has nothing to do with Cherry. If you want to revenge, you can turn to me. Please. "

No matter how stupid Sara was, she could understand what she meant. Sara snorted, "is it worth to be so good to her? What can she give you? Tell me. "

Sherry pretended to be stubborn and looked straight into Sara's eyes. "Cherry is my best friend. I didn't do anything for her. Anyway, I said I did it, and I did it! If you hold a grudge, just aim at me! "

[杨姐] squinted her eyes and looked at her up and down. "Well, we are not the kind of person who repays kindness with ingratitude. It's our fault. Since you saved us, you will be our benefactor in the future. We won't do anything to you.

But if you dare to stop us from attacking Cherry Li, don't blame us for being rude! "

She walked forward cheerily and said, "girls, let's go back!"

After they left, Sherry's sad face turned into a complacent look. "Humph, a group of idiots want to fight with me. I will let you die without knowing how."

'Cherry Li, take your time and fight with them. Herring Han will be mine sooner or later!'

She stood up and walked to a relatively remote place. The hooligans and police had all gathered here. When they saw Sherry, their eyes lit up.

"Miss Sherry, did we do a good job just now?"

A man in police uniform came over, rubbing his hands. He looked at Sherry up and down with obscene looks.

Sherry snorted and threw the boxes to them. "You deserve it. I'm leaving. Don't let anyone know about it, or I'll kill you. "

The man nodded repeatedly, "yes, yes, Miss Sherry. But why didn't you let us get those women directly just now? In this way, we will feel better."

Sherry glanced at them with disdain, "are you stupid? I've told you before that there are many people you can't afford to offend, especially Sara. She can kill you easily.

So, you'd better be careful. Don't be caught by her, and don't betray me, or I will only be more ruthless than them. "

"Yes, yes, Miss Sherry. If you still need us in the future, just tell us. We will definitely help you."

Seeing their green eyes, Sherry couldn't help trembling. "Don't try to get close to me. Otherwise, not only will you lose your business, but also your lives."

After saying that, she left quickly. She didn't dare to stay in their den. Otherwise, they might get fresh with her.

If so, how could she be with Herring?

"Herring Han! You bastard! Let me out! Do you hear me? "

Cherry kept knocking at the door. She got up early in the morning and dressed up to go to school. Unexpectedly, the door was locked.

Needless to think, it must be Herring. Only he would do such a crazy thing!

Restricted her freedom!


It was so hateful!

"Miss Li, please stay in the room for a while. Master said that he would let you out whenever he was in a good mood. If you keep making trouble like this, I'm afraid you won't be able to go out again."

Hearing what the servant said, Cherry was so angry that she shouted and kicked the door hard. "Why don't you let me out! Call Herring over! I really need to talk to him! "

"Master has gone to the company. Miss Li, please calm down. Maybe Master can let you out earlier."


Cherry was so angry that she couldn't help crying, but that didn't work either.

"Master..." The servant glanced at Herring who was standing next to her.

The servant was still confused. As long as master said something, no one dared to make trouble again. He really didn't know why master was exactly here but he didn't say a word.

Outside the door, Herring pursed his lips, frowned slightly, and said in a low voice like a lion in the dark night, "well, you can go back to your work. Prepare dinner for her later, and take good care of her diet."

"Okay." The servant immediately left this uncomfortable place.

Every time he thought of what she looked like yesterday, he couldn't help getting angry. He had an impulse to destroy everything. How dare someone hurt his woman!

As for Cherry, she was joking and playing with those boys at school, especially with Noah. They were actually a couple at school!

She was really bold.

She couldn't go out to flirt with other women anymore.

He must keep her by his side.

Cherry didn't know what was on Herring's mind at all. She just felt that he was bullying her. Maybe he was avenging her for not letting him succeed yesterday!

She was born to be free and happy. How could he trap her here? Did he really take her as a rabbit raised by him!

"Miss Li, here's your meal."

"I wouldn't eat it!"

Cherry was determined to resist all the things of Herring. How dare he keep her in captivity! No one had ever dared to treat her like this!

"Butler, please let me in to see Cherry. I'm really worried about her, okay?"

Sherry came here early in the morning, but no matter what she said, the butler didn't allow her in and said that no one was allowed to come in and out these days.

A successful smile appeared on her face. It seemed that her plan had succeeded. Herring found that Cherry was a bitchy and stupid woman who didn't deserve him at all!

That's why things turned out like this.

Sherry's eyes became gentle again. "Butler, what's wrong with Cherry? Did she quarrel with Herring? I'm really worried about her. Please tell me, okay? "

"Shut up!"

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