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   Chapter 24 The Reason Why I Hurt Her Is To Save Her

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"Sara, what's going on?" A girl came to Sara with a sad face.

Sara frowned, "who gave me the idea before? "

The girl trembled. Sara had said that it was her own business, but now she wanted to blame them.

It seemed that it was the same as they guessed. The Han family must have done it. They had analyzed it before, but they didn't take it seriously.

Now, they all were afraid.

Seeing that none of them replied, Sara sneered, "you don't want to admit it now, do you? Why were you so smug when you gave me advice before? Humph! "

She walked up to a girl she has disliked for a long time, pointed at her and snorted, "is that you? "

The girl waved her hands in fluster, "no, it's not me, Sara. It is..."

"Clap!" Before she could finish her words, Sara slapped her across the face, with a strong sense of cruelty on her face, "humph! How dare you talk back to me like that? If you give me such a bad idea next time, we will be good friends no more. "

The girl didn't dare to say anything else. She kept nodding and said, "Okay, Sara, I won't do it again. What should we do now? "

Sara's eyes flashed with a strong sense of viciousness. "What should we do? Of course it's the same as before. I won't let it go like this. I don't think the Han family so formidable is. My family is not to be trifled with! "

"Exactly! Sara, you are the best! " The girls cheered, as if they were not the ones who had been punished before.

All of a sudden, the girls felt something was wrong. They shook their heads and began to tear up their clothes. They couldn't help but kept saying:'' hump, it' hot. ""Sara, why do I feel something wrong? This feeling is so strange. Are we drugged? "

Sara also had such symptoms. She glanced at everyone and felt dizzy. "I think so. I didn't expect the Han family would use such a despicable method ."

All her classmates who had gathered here before had left, and now only a few of them were left. Originally, Sherry wanted to leave, but the arrival of the group of people of the Han family gave her a glimmer of hope, so she deliberately hid in the dark.

At the sight of this, a sly smile appeared on her face.

The timing was just right.

In fact, it was she who inadvertently reminded Sara of the party, but she thought this trick was vulgar. They just wanted to make a fool of Cherry on the stage.

Fortunately, she had prepared the follow-up for them. She just wanted to see how far Noah and Cherry could develop. Maybe they were caught by Herring now.

Thinking of this, she was even happier.

This time, it would definitely make him hate her completely!

"Who are you?"

Sara looked at the group of hooligans coming in from the door in horror. They were all lewd, and their eyes were full of malice. And they kept looking at them up and down.

"Who are we? Of course we are ordered to let you enjoy yourselves! I didn't expect you to be so beautiful. Now we can enjoy ourselves. "

The girls were frightened to step back, with fear in their eyes. Their bodies had become very weak because of the medicine, and now they were too weak to


"Do you know who I am! How dare you do this to me! Believe it or not, I will let my father skin you alive! " She grabbed her clothes and shouted at them.

She couldn't be bullied by them like that. If that was the case, how could she face others in the future?

"Ha ha! We don't care who you are. The most important thing now is to make us happy! Brothers! Go! "

Some timid girls fell to the ground at once. Sara tried her best to hold on, but when the hooligans pounced on her, she also lost her strength in an instant. No matter how hard she refused, she felt as if she was catering to them.

Just when Sara thought they didn't have chance to escape any more, a girl suddenly shouted, "the police are coming! The police are coming! "

The hooligans immediately stopped and a group of people in police uniform ran in. The hooligans were all caught and taken to the car.

Sara breathed a sigh of relief. She was finally saved. Which girl saved her just now?

She had no strength to get up at all, and she felt very uncomfortable, so she could only keep scratching.

Although the danger had been removed, the influence of the medicine hadn't been removed from their bodies. Just when they were uncomfortable, Sherry pretended to run in from the door with a frightened look.

"Sara! Why are you all...? Hurry up. I have the antidote here. Take it quickly. "

She ran to Sara first and fed her two pills, and then fed all her friends. Two or three girls had almost been detoxified by the hooligans, and now they were completely fine after taking the pills.

Sara sat up, leaned against the wall, and kept panting. She looked at Sherry calmly, "was it you who called the police? "

Sherry nodded gently and demurely, "yes. "

Sara looked her up and down and smiled disdainfully. "How do you know we are in danger? "

Sherry bit her lips in embarrassment, "I I can't tell you. It's enough that I could save you. Let's stop talking about that. "

"Say it." Sara stared at her coldly. "Is it because of Cherry that she asked you to bribe us? "

Sherry pretended to tremble with fear and waved her hands. "No, no, No. It's absolutely not the case. You know, I'm a good friend of Cherry. We can't talk nonsense. Can we just talk like this today? Don't put me in a difficult position anymore, okay? "

Sara snorted and pinched her chin. She looked at her with interest and said, "yes, aren't you a good friend of Cherry? How could you help us? Huh? "

"I just can't stand it." Sherry pretended to blurt it out unintentionally, and then quickly covered her mouth.

Sara's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She put more strength. "What do you mean? You'd better make it clear to me, or you won't be able to leave here today. "

Sherry blinked her eyes, pretending to be aggrieved. "Sara, I really can't tell you. Please don't ask anymore, okay? "

"What?" With a vicious look in her eyes, Sara tightened her grip on Sherry's face. Looking at her pale face, she didn't relax at all. "Tell me, or we'll show you what we're capable of. "

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