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   Chapter 23 Someone Drugged Her

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When she was about to jump on fire, the heel of Cherry's high-heeled shoes suddenly broke. At the same time, the waist of her clothes suddenly cracked, and it seemed that it was going to crack upwards. Fortunately, Noah quickly took off his coat and put it on her, and then he picked her up.

Both Sara and Sherry smiled, but they pretended to be very worried. When they were about to go over and say something, Noah had already left with Cherry in his arms.

"Sara, you did a good job. Cherry made a fool of herself again. She was so naive to think that you would really apologize to her. "

A girl walked to Sara and smiled fiercely, with her eyes full of complacency.

Raising her neck arrogantly, Sara said, "of course. She looks like a village girl and wants to compete with me. Look at herself in the mirror and see what kind of person she is. "

Another girl nodded in agreement. "That is, you are the real invincible girl, Sara. She, hum, can't catch up with you for several lifetimes. After this incident, let's see if she still dares to find someone to bully you in the future. "

Sara glared at the girl, "what? She asked someone to bully me? It's me who gave in to her. Otherwise, I would have bullied her. Humph! "

The girl nodded, "yes, yes."

Sara frowned slightly. Since what happened between them on the stage last time, she had been in trouble in everything. Her family's career had also suffered some setbacks, and there were also some things that threatened her frequently. She didn't know who was behind it.

Although she was a little scared, her hatred towards Cherry couldn't be stopped.

Seeing Sara's expression on her face and looking at the direction where Cherry and Noah left, Sherry smiled complacently.

She took out her phone and sent a message to someone. Then she put it away with satisfaction.

As soon as Herring arrived at the door of the party place next to the University, he saw Noah coming out with Cherry in his arms. She was still wearing his clothes, and they were talking and laughing. His eyes was instantly full of coldness, and a burst of anger burst out from his body.

She stepped forward and stood in front of them. In fact, Cherry had always wanted Noah to put her down, but he had never been willing to do that and said that her shoes were broken and she had to be held by him.

When she saw Herring, she was stunned. Before she could say anything, he held her in his arms. She felt the danger from him, and for some reason, she suddenly felt scared.

"What are you doing, Herring?"

"Take you home." The air around him was cold, as if he would destroy the whole world in the next second.

"Uncle, if you took Cherry away, who will dance with me later? " A smile appeared at the corners of Noah's mouth.

In fact, as soon as he came out, he saw Herring. He deliberately maintained a more intimate posture with Cherry, and even made a move to kiss her.

As a matter of fact, he was not very satisfied with what the situation now was, but it was enough to make him happy for a while.

It was just the beginning. He had plenty of time. So he was not in a hurry.

Ignoring him, Herring got on the car with Cherry in his arms, and the car disappeared in an instant.

"Herring." Cherry wanted to break away from his arms, but she found that she had no strength at all. H

er body was a little hot, and she especially wanted to lie on him. The strange feeling made her a little uneasy.

Especially what she said now. Originally she was very angry, but why did she feel like she was acting cute?

Her little hand kept caressing his body, but she couldn't stop it.

Hearing her shout, Herring couldn't help trembling. Her more passionate action made his chest explode. Looking at the flushed and charming face of the woman in his arms, he suddenly felt thirsty.

Was she drugged?

Thinking about that, Herring frowned. It suddenly occurred to him that just now, Noah was holding her in his arms. If she lost her temper at that time...

He stopped thinking more and unconsciously tightened his fists.

"Investigate it for me." His pursed thin lips burst into a cold voice.

"Yes, Mr. Herring. "

Suffering all the way, Herring couldn't control her movements. Her hands and feet rubbed against his body, and his breath became faster and faster. Looking at her charming appearance, he couldn't help but want to explode.

When he got home, he called the doctor for her in a hurry and ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower. The reason why he did that before was just to frighten her. He didn't really want to have sex with her.

After all, she was still in college. Their relationship must be formal and beautiful, especially in this kind of situation.

When he came out of the bathroom, he saw that her face was no longer red and she was gradually breathing steadily. His heart was immediately relieved.

He sat next to her unconsciously and reached out his hand to touch her face gently. His slender fingers swept across the eyebrows, her eyelashes trembling slightly, her aquiline nose, and her plump and fresh lips. All of a sudden, he felt thirsty and then bent over to kiss her.

The sweet taste made him unable to stop. He unconsciously deepened the kiss, and his breath became heavier. The sleeping girl frowned slightly, let out a humph sound from her nose, and even reached out to slap him on the face.

She slapped him in the face again!

Suffering that, Herring was stunned for a while, with anger in his eyes. He bit her lips as a punishment and sat up contentedly, with a little complacency in his eyes.

"Ah! Don't smash it again! Why did you mess up my place? "

Sara kept shouting, trying to stop those people in black suits, but they didn't seem to hear her at all, smashing the good party venue into pieces.

Her best friends were also shouting for her, but obviously, they didn't dare to go forward. Who dared to provoke those people like the king of hell?

The men in black walked up to them expressionlessly. Before they could say anything more, two men came forward and held her. The rest of them slapped her a few times, and finally poured a glass of wine into her mouth.

Every girl related to her was treated like this.

Then the group of people in black left the place quietly, as if they had never appeared.


Sara and the others patted their chests and rubbed their throats. They were almost choked to death because of the glass of wine they were forced to drink just now.

Sherry had been hiding somewhere else for a long time. Seeing this scene, she smiled with satisfaction. When she looked at Sara, a trace of contempt flashed through her eyes.

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