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   Chapter 22 The Opening Dance, Apology Wine

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"Mr. Herring, that's all what happened to Miss Cherry recently. " The assistant pretended to be calm and stood in front of Herring, although he was under a great pressure.

Herring tapped two times on the table with his slender fingers, and his eyes were filled with anger. "Where is she going tonight?"

"A party." The assistant didn't dare to raise his head.

Herring frowned, "what party?"

"It's a party organized by the daughter of the Yang family. She said she would apologize to Miss Cherry and be friends in the future. "

A hint of displeasure flashed through Herring's eyes, "prepare a suit for me. "

"Yes, Mr. Herring. But they only allow people in the school to come in and out of the party, and they need to bring a dancing partner. "

The atmosphere in the room immediately became depressing. The assistant quickly bent down and said, "Mr. Herring, I'll do it right away. "

The scene that Cherry was on the stage of a community flashed through Herring's mind, and the radiance in his eyes gathered slightly.

"Cherry, you look so beautiful today!" Avril saw Cherry in an evening dress, her eyes lighting up.

Noah came over and leaned against the door. He looked at Cherry up and down with satisfaction on his face. He walked to her with a smile and put his arms around her waist. When he was about to whisper in her ear, his face changed in an instant.

"Ah!" Noah bounced to the side in pain and said angrily, "Cherry! I'm already your boyfriend. Why are you still stepping on me! Do you know this is the new shoes I just bought? "

With a smug smile on her face, Cherry said, "you always take advantage of me as you like. I have to punish you. "

"You didn't do this to me when I hugged you in the class, did you?" Noah snorted.

"That's different." Cherry raised her eyebrows and smiled. She raised her arrogant neck and walked out in elegant and noble steps.

A snicker broke out in Noah's eyes. No matter what, she didn't resist his contact in front of outsiders, which meant that she still wanted to have something to do with him.

In fact, as long as he achieved his goal, everything would be fine.

But why did he feel a little uncomfortable?

He stopped thinking too much, stroked his hair narcissistically in front of the mirror and ran out.

"Let's have a dance with our partner first. We'll get down to business later."

With a microphone in her hand, Sara stood on the stage proudly, as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Everyone had no objection. Since she was the host, they would naturally follow what she said.

Sara saw that when Cherry came in, everyone's eyes were focused on her. Her eyes were full of jealousy and a trace of hatred appeared on her face.

With a big smile on her face, she walked up to Cherry, took two glasses of wine from the waiter and handed one to her. "Cherry, I apologize for what happened before. We were too young to consider others' feelings when we did those things. Now I have figured it out. Let's drink this glass of wine. "

"Let me drink this glass of wine for Cherry. She can't drink so much now, or her family will be unhappy when she comes back home. " Sherry came over with a trace of worry on her face.

Suddenly, she fel

t that she had said something wrong. She looked at them in a panic, especially Noah. She raised her voice instead of lowering it. "No, no, Cherry has no other man. She has only Herring. "

The party had just begun. There were still some people who hadn't come, but they had already attracted a lot of attention.

Well, if she wanted to say that she is a skittish woman, just say it directly.

A sneer appeared at the corners of Cherry's mouth. With a wanton and casual smile on her face, Noah held her waist in front of the sky and said, "I'm the only one in her heart all the time."

Cherry pinched his waist with a smile. He was so painful that his expression was a little distorted, but he still maintained his playful image.

"That's right. Then I should help Cherry drink this glass of wine. I wish you a happy marriage and wish Cherry finally find the person she loves. "

As she spoke, she wanted to take the glass of wine. In fact, Cherry also wanted her to drink it. After all, she didn't believe that Sara would really want to apologize to her. Maybe she would set her up.

When Sherry was about to take the glass of wine, she was stopped by another woman. With a faint smile on her face, Sara said, "Sherry, I think it's better for Miss Cherry to drink it herself. After all, it's my sincerity. You can't stop me to apologize to Miss Cherry, can you? "

"How dare I? I just feel sorry for Cherry. " With an embarrassed smile, she looked at Cherry up and down.

With a gentle smile on Sara's face, she continued, "I know you are her best friend and you care about her very much. But she has to drink this glass of wine. After all..."

They were really good at talking.

Obviously, Cherry was impatient. She took the glass of wine and drank it up. "Well, it's just a glass of wine. I'll drink it. But Sara, didn't you say that you wanted to apologize to me in public? What do you mean? "

A hint of cruelty flashed through Sara's eyes, and a gentle and beautiful smile appeared on her face. "I just want to have a drink with you now. I will apologize to you in front of everyone when all the dance is finished. Is that okay? "

"Whatever." Cherry wanted to ask her what had happened before, but it was obviously not appropriate to ask her right now. She decided to investigate it later.

Sara smiled and gave a very elegant hint to the stage, "Cherry, since we have drunk, you and Noah can dance on the stage. Everyone is looking forward to it. "

Cherry stopped talking nonsense with them. Obviously, Noah didn't want to talk to them anymore. He held her waist and came to the stage. The appearance of them was very eye-catching, attracting all the attention.

Sara hated the noble and elegant look of Cherry and wanted to push her off the stage directly. Thinking of the dance she had danced before, she almost laughed to death. She was looking forward to how she would dance this time.

Sherry sneered. It was getting more and more interesting.

At the moment when Cherry and Noah danced, there were still a few discussions, but gradually, everyone was too shocked to say anything. Even their expressions seemed to be fixed, especially Sara and Sherry. They didn't expect that Cherry could dance so well.


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