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   Chapter 21 Clear Up The Mess For Her

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Before she finished her words, she moved with the big iceberg, namely Herring behind her. She stared at him in surprise, "what are you doing?"

"Aren't you going to the bathroom? I'll take you to the bathroom now. " A cold aura burst out from Herring's slightly pursed lips.

'Take her to the bathroom!'

Hearing what he said, Cherry was nearly scared to death. She hurriedly pushed his chest and said, "Herring, you're wrong. I'm a girl, why are you going to the bathroom with me?"

"Yes, uncle. Cherry is a girl, and she shall goes to the bathroom alone. If you go in, she will be embarrassed."

Somehow, Noah came to them. He had wanted to make a scene before, but he didn't expect that Herring would do it so quickly, which made him a little uncomfortable now.

A cold light flashed in Herring's eyes, and the anger on his body became more and more intense. He stepped into the bathroom and said, "She has already been to the men's room. Will she feel embarrassed now? Besides, I'm her husband. "

With a bang, the door was closed. Frozen at the door for two seconds, Noah clenched his fists. He didn't know why he was so angry now. Anyway, he felt very angry.

Cherry had lied to Herring, but she didn't expect him to use this move. She was frustrated, and she really wanted to cry but she had no tears. She asked him to go out. He said no. She asked him turned around, and he said no. she could only go to the bathroom in front of him. But after some time, her face flushed, and he almost couldn't help laughing.

Cherry deliberately threw a roll of paper aside, curled her lips, and looked at him with some grievance. "Herring, go out to get another roll of paper for me. This one is useless."

"Okay." A trace of smile appeared in Herring's eyes, "Lisa, bring a roll of paper for Cherry."

Cherry felt grievous that she was about to cry. She just wanted to lure him out, so that she could run away as soon as possible. She didn't expect that this guy had already seen through her.

In the end, he carried her out of the bathroom. This time, it was Noah's turn to be angry. Noah had planned to make Herring angry again, but he didn't expect that Herring seemed to expected what he was doing this time. He had been holding Cherry persistently.

"Noah, you can go back first. We can play together another day. It's getting late today. Go back and have a rest."

Cherry smiled virtuously. She also knew that there was no chance today. She couldn't delay it any longer. She'd better let Noah go as soon as possible.

Noah shrugged his shoulders and pretended to smile helplessly. He still wanted to touch her head, but he couldn't even touch her hair. "Okay, see you tomorrow at school."

Cherry smiled sweetly and waved at him. Before she said anything, she was carried upstairs by Herring. She felt that he seemed to be happier now. He pressed her onto the bed and said in a low and pleasant voice, "go on."

Looking at his carved beautiful face, Cherry couldn't help but swallow several times. Didn't he know that he was so attractive?

She immediately stopped her crazy thoughts.

"No way! Why are you so annoying! Why should I go on with you! Get up! Get up, okay? "

She kept pushing him and stared at him angrily.

Seeing her like this, Herring held back his anger, "Cherry Li, since we've got the marriage certificate, I don't think

I'm 'driving without a license' now, right?"

"No way!" Cherry pushed him aside with all her strength and ran back to her room quickly.

Herring was so angry that his eyes turned red. How could she do this to him? She was so happy when she was with other men, and she was full of anger when she was with him. Did she hate him so much now?

How dare she say he was annoying!

The heat in his body kept hitting his brain, making him irritable.


His computer rang a few times, and it sounded like e-mails. He sat in front of the computer and opened the e-mails. It was nothing serious before, but now he was very angry.

He didn't expect that someone would send him the photos of Cherry being with another man. In fact, his assistant had already reported it to him. He didn't expect that someone would play tricks beside her.

It seemed that it was time to clear up the mess for her.

Cherry spent several days peacefully. These days, no one came to make trouble for her. Since Mrs. Yang was taught a lesson on the stage, she did not come to her again. She felt that she was indeed very powerful, but she did not have the ability to frighten others.

Many people saw her and avoided her, as if they were afraid of her, which made her think that she had become the God of plague now. Only [南天] kept provoking her, a bunch of flowers every day, which made everyone think he was her object.

She didn't pay too much attention to it. Every time she thought of the fact that herring would be angry with her when he saw her with other boys, especially with [南天], she felt very funny and happy. Every day, she deliberately stayed close to [南天], chatted and laughed with him, went out to see a movie or play with him.

Several times, she even invited them to her home. She said that they were family anyway, and she cooked a lot of delicious food for [南天]. Sometimes, herring was at home, sometimes not at home, but he probably knew everything, because his face was dark every day.

[苏宁雪] had been quiet for the past two days, while cherry was happy to play with [笑笑] all day long. Sometimes, she would come over with a gentle smile on her face, but she never said anything.

Although [方昊] knew very well that cherry and [南天] were very close now, he did not give up his own means. He continued to appear beside her, asking [笑笑] to send her some gifts, and sometimes asking [笑笑] out to play. In fact, he just wanted to spend more time with her.

But how could he compete with [南天]? Many times when he was having fun, [南天] came out to mess up the game for him and took him away in a very high-profile way.

Recently, the school had been discussing about the party. In fact, the ball was specially convened by Olivia, saying that she would solemnly apologize to [黎叶樱]. From now on, everyone was good friends, and those old things should not be mentioned again.

Although she didn't know what had happened between them and didn't want to have a party with them, she was willing to play in such a lively place.

It was said that each of them would bring their own dancing partner this time, and everyone was very optimistic about the pair of [南天] and Dorothy. The two of them had long been talking about the group for the school. Although they were still a little afraid of death to chase after her, it was said that it was difficult to even meet her.

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