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   Chapter 20 Take Her Home

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"Let go of me, Herring! You are hurting me! " Cherry kept struggling, trying to get rid of the big hand that grabbed her arm.

With a cold look in his eyes, Herring's thin lips touched and said, "Cherry, don't forget your current status."

Cherry raised her eyebrows and snorted, "who am I now? I'm just an ordinary student. Boss, did I offend you? "

"Remember, you are my woman now. Without my permission, you can't play with any boy, including Noah Han."

Staring at her coldly, Herring's mind was full of the scene that she was playing with all those boys today, especially when Noah came out with her in his arms. He felt an impulse to kill someone.

It felt so good to make him angry. Cherry laughed in her heart. He bullied her before, and now it was time for her to revenge.

"Why? I have never admitted it. Let me go now, or I will let you know how powerful I am. "

Squinting slightly, Herring raised his eyebrows gently, and the strength of his hand increased. It was so painful that Cherry wanted to hit him with the other hand, but he reached out and grabbed her another arm.

He bent over slightly and said, "Cherry Li, you forced me to do so."

After saying that, he kissed her lips that he had coveted for a long time. The sweet taste made him unable to stop, and his blood flowed crazily.

Regardless of her resistance, he held her in his arms and kissed her hard.


With her eyes wide open, Cherry couldn't get rid of him. For some reason, when he kissed her, her heart beat faster and faster, and she felt a strange feeling in her heart.

Suddenly, she felt that his kiss was actually quite good.

No way!

How could she be captured so easily?

She had just enjoyed it for a moment, and then struggled again. Herring held her tightly and didn't let her go until he was satisfied.


Herring thought he had done a good job this time. He thought she might fall in love with him because of his kiss. He didn't expect that she would slap him again.

"Herring Han! Don't go too far! I've told you that I don't like you and I won't be with you. Don't think that you can do whatever you want after we get the marriage certificate! "

Looking at her angry and red face, Herring went crazy for a moment. When he came back home, he took her to the bed, bent over and pressed her on the bed, with a hot and strong aura all over his body.

"Cherry Li, my patience is also limited."

Cherry snorted, "what do you want?"

"What do you mean?" There was an wild aura Herring eyes, as if it could devour people at any time.

Obviously, cherry was a little flustered. She was not ready yet. Although he had a good figure and met her aesthetic standard, it seemed a little too sudden.

"Herring Han, my patience is limited. You can't touch me like this. I..."

"Really?" Herring's face almost bent over hers.

Cherry swallowed unconsciously. Her heart was racing. She looked up at him and said, "yes."

"I don't think so.

Since you have set the fire, you have to extinguish it by yourself."

With a strong sense of possessiveness in his eyes, Herring was about to bend over and kiss her lips when the housekeeper's voice came from outside.

"Master, master Noah is here."

Cherry was glad, but she also felt a little disappointed. She gently raised her eyebrows, pushed him aside, and ran out of the door with a smile.

Looking at her, Herring's face instantly darkened. He strode over and picked her up.

"You are the hostess of the house now. Of course you should go out with me."

Looking at his Adam's apple, Cherry didn't know how to look away. She swallowed unconsciously and said, "Then put me down. Can't we go out together?"

"Don't you like to be held by others all the time?" With a snort, he carried her out.

Cherry was stunned. Was he angry again?

Seeing him like this, she suddenly wanted to laugh, but she held it back and no longer struggled. She just leaned in his arms. Anyway, she could enjoy it for a while.

Seeing the two people coming out in this posture, a trace of anger flashed through Noah's eyes. He felt a little uncomfortable, and a smile still hung on his face naturally.

"Cherry, I'm here to find you. Didn't we make an appointment to watch a movie tonight? Don't you want to go? "

Cherry smiled, "of course I want to go, but judging from the current situation, I have no choice."

"I'm just a friend watching a movie. I believe that uncle won't be so mean." Noah smiled wantonly, with a trace of hatred on his cynical face. He turned to Herring and said, "Right? Uncle. "

"No, Noah, Cherry is your aunt. I think you two had better keep a distance."

With Cherry in his arms, Herring sat on the sofa and controlled her not to leave his arms. The servants served tea soon.

With an unnatural smile on his face, Noah said indifferently, "uncle, don't worry too much. Cherry has a good relationship with boys at school. We are all good friends. She went to the men's room today. It's not a big deal."

'Has a good relationship with boys?'

'Go to the men's room!'

Hearing that, Herring's face darkened. Cherry felt that one time she was being holding a warmer, but now he suddenly became an ice giant, as if he could freeze her at any time.

"Really?" Said Herring, gnashing his teeth.

With a snicker at the corners of her mouth, Cherry said, "yes, Noah is right. I saved a boy today. That boy is so cute. I wanted to pinch his cute little face, but unfortunately he was too shy. When I see him next time, I have to successfully touch his little face."

Cherry was getting more and more interesting.

A trace of surprise flashed through Noah's eyes, and a strange smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Herring held her tighter. Cherry felt that his waist was almost broken by him. She took deep breaths and suddenly covered her belly. "I... I have a stomachache. I want to go to the bathroom. Let me go, or I will..."

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