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   Chapter 19 Save Him Again

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The group of people burst into laughter, and Cherry's eyes were filled with coldness.

"Don't worry about me. It's common for them to hit me. I don't care now. You'd better leave now. Don't be compromised by me."

The beaten boy spoke, but his face could not be seen. It seemed that he was deliberately blocking it. Perhaps he was afraid of losing face.

"Ha ha! Cherry Li, did you hear that? He has said that. Why are you still here? "

"I asked you to release them. Did you hear me?" Cherry was still so firm and calm, as if she hadn't heard anyone talking.

The leader walked up to Cherry in self-styled steps and raised her chin. "We can let him go. If you take off your clothes, we can let him go."

"You like to take off your clothes, don't you?"

Noah's voice suddenly rang out. At the same time, the leader's wrist was twisted by a slim but powerful hand. The leader's face immediately turned pale. "Ouch!" he screamed loudly.

Before he could say anything, his clothes was tore off with a hiss. Noah kicked him to the ground, emitting a cold aura, like a devil coming from hell.

"Do you know what to do?"

"Yes, I know. Master Noah, we're wrong. We'll let her go right away." The leader knelt down in a hurry. His wrist was so painful that he couldn't speak fluently. He turned around and looked at his heelers. Immediately, the leader was furious. "What the hell are you waiting for! Let them go! Do you hear me? "

"Yes, yes." Those people didn't know what was going on, but when they saw their leader was like this, they stopped talking and quickly let him go.

"Thank you." The boy lowered his head as if he didn't want them to see him his face at all. He walked out from the corner of the wall. Cherry couldn't stop him.

What a strange boy.

"You, change these clothes." With a tugging smile, Noah threw several clothes to them.

Those people were confused, but when they saw the clothes, they were instantly stunned. "Women's clothes?"

"Yes. Don't you like to wear women's clothes? Now it's the right time to give you a chance to show yourself. After changing, you shall walk three rounds in the school. Then this is over, or... "

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Noah pursed his lips wantonly.

"Master Noah, can you..."

"No, you can't. Can't you understand me?" With a cold snort, Noah walked outside with Cherry. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned around and said, "we're waiting for you outside. If you can't see the result I want, I believe you should know better than me what will happen."

The group of people were trembling with anger or fear. Their eyes were full of anger. They felt humiliated, but they didn't dare to say a word.

"Cherry, I saved you again. Do you think I'm very powerful?" As soon as Noah went out, he changed his expression and smoothed his hair.

With a playful smile in her eyes, Cherry said, "yes, you're awesome, much better than me. But if you come to the bathroom, you should be solving some personal problems."

Then she walked out directly. Noah grabbed her arm and said, "I don't need to

solve any personal problem. I just heard your call and came here. Look, I have saved you for the second time. Shouldn't you give me some reward? "

"What do you want?" There was a faint smile in Cherry's eyes, and she was thinking continuously.

With a snicker in his beautiful eyes, Noah turned her around and said, "I want you to be my girlfriend, but I have to let everyone in the school know."

"It's impossible. Just give up." Cherry slapped his face aside and pushed him away. When she was about to leave, her arm was grabbed by a pair of slender and powerful hands and fell into a warm chest in an instant.

"Ah!" When Noah was about to use his skill of flirting with girls, his foot was stepped hard on. Cherry got rid of his arms complacently.

However, it was not easy for him to give up. He held her in his arms again and lifted her up horizontally. Enduring the pain in his feet, he smiled wickedly. "Cherry Li, you applied to be my girlfriend before. It's okay if you go back on your word now. How can you not give me a chance?"

Cherry punched him hard on the chest and said, "Okay, let's watch a movie together tonight."

How could it be so fast?

Hearing that, Noah was stunned for a while. With a trace of doubt in his beautiful eyes, he asked, "are you serious?"

"When did I not take it seriously?" A sly smile appeared on Cherry's face.

At the thought of the angry face of Herring, she was so happy that she wanted to sing and dance happily.

Now they had the same thought. Noah felt something different. "Okay."

Noah had thought that only the two of them would go to the cinema together, but when he walked to the gate, he found that there was a group of people waiting, which made him almost lose his temper on the spot.

This was a rare opportunity for him. How could he let them step in?

No, she had to come up with a perfect plan.

As soon as she ran over, she didn't speak to all those people before she was picked up. The evil and attractive face of Noah came into her sight. "Cherry, let's go."

"Hey! You! " Cherry glared at him angrily. Noah winked at her, turned around with her in his arms, ran quickly, and put her into a car quickly. He turned his head and smiled at those people.

"You can continue. We are leaving now. Don't worry!"

He turned around and was about to get in the car, only to find that his car was gone. What? No, his car was still parked here just now. When he was about to roar, his car quickly appeared in front of him again.

With a guilty look on his face, the driver told him everything that had just happened.

"Herring Han!" Noah was about to explode. With a snicker on his face, he said, "let's go after him."

He didn't expect that in order not to let Cherry be with him, Herring robbed his car last time, and this time he imitated his car directly. He was really awesome.

It seemed that he had to let go of all the old and recent grudges together!

However, since Herring had such a reaction, it meant that everything he had done was useful. Anyway, his goal had been achieved a little.

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