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   Chapter 18 Sowing Discord

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In case of being discovered, Sherry took some important photos and stopped taking them.

She went in a clothing store and walked out casually, pretending to run into them. She was surprised and happy. "Cherry, what a coincidence! You are shopping too. We can go shopping together. "

Cherry frowned slightly, and then relaxed. A smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "I don't think it's a coincidence? But you can do whatever you want. "

Sherry looked a little embarrassed. She didn't expect that Cherry would talk to her in public. She smiled unnaturally. Before she could speak, they had left. She had to quickly follow them.

Kim was about to say hello to Sherry, but when he saw the look of Cherry and what she said, he knew what to do. Besides, he didn't like Sherry very much.

They walked around the mall for a few times and felt a little tired. But since Cherry didn't stop, neither of them spoke. They just kept talking and laughing.

Kim, in particular, sometimes didn't have anything to say. Normally, only Avril would cooperate with him. But now, Cherry had a good chat with him, and Sherry would echo from time to time.

Sherry knew that Kim was from a rich family of two generations. Although his family property was of no comparison to that of Herring Han, he was also famous in this city, so Sherry always smiled gently in front of him and maintained her image.

They went back to the playground of the school. Cherry said that she wanted to play basketball with Kim, and she also changed into a sports garment. Of course, Kim was looking forward to it. He just wanted to play with her, which was also a rare opportunity.

The two of them were playing basketball here, which attracted a lot of attention. There were also several boys who came to teach Cherry. They were all very attentive, and Cherry seemed to be willing to play with them.

Kim always followed Cherry, fearing that other boys would get too close to her.

"Hello, your name is Avril, right?" Sherry came to Avril and sat beside her rudely, giving her a friendly smile.

Avril smiled innocently, "yes."

"Yes, my name is Sherry Su. You must know me, right?" Sherry gave her a bottle of drink with a smile, but Avril waved her hand and refused.

"I know. You are Cherry's confidant. What can I do for you?"

Sherry looked at the people who were playing happily on the playground and smiled, "I'm fine. I just want to make friends with you. You won't refuse, will you?"

Avril frowned slightly and smiled innocently. "Thank you for your kindness. I'm glad that I have Cherry. Anyway, you two are confidants. We will have a lot of time to get along in the future. There is no need to be so stiff in the relationship."

Sherry was a little embarrassed, but it didn't last long. She shrugged her shoulders, pretending to be indifferent, and said, "you are right."

She had thought that Avril might have a few words with her, but Avril didn't seem to talk to her from beginning to end. She stared at the people on the playground and laughed happily.

"Avril, do you think that Cherry and [Kim are a perfect match?"

"What?" Avril was about to leave when she

heard Shirley's words.

The smile at the corners of Sherry's mouth deepened. "I think the two of them are a good match, and Cherry seems to like Kim very much. I have never seen a boy so good to her. Kim is also very good to her, and there is a strong love in his eyes. Do you think that the two of them are getting closer?"

"Didn't you say that Cherry had already got a marriage certificate this morning? How could she be with someone else? " Avril seemed confused and flustered, but she laughed in her heart.

Sherry was satisfied with her reaction. She lowered her eyes slightly and looked a little lonely. "Well, to tell you the truth, Cherry is not suitable for her husband. She doesn't intend to live with him for a lifetime, so the marriage certificate doesn't count at all.

With Cherry's personality, I guess she will divorce her husband as soon as she finds someone she likes. In fact, I really support her. As her good friend, you should also hope that she can get real happiness, right? "

"Well." Avril pretended to be hesitant, with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Sherry reached out and touched her head. "In fact, I don't think we need to interfere too much. In all these years, as long as Cherry likes someone, there is no one who doesn't like her. So, I feel that they can definitely be together. Let's wait for the wedding candies."

"Okay." Avril pretended to smile helplessly.

Seeing that they were walking this way, Avril rushed over. Raising her eyebrows slightly, Sherry also walked over very gently.

Cherry whispered to Avril for a while. In fact, she had already known that such a thing would happen, so she left the playground with everyone as usual.

She ran to the bathroom and changed her clothes. When she was about to leave, she heard a strange sound from the men's room.

"Damn it! You're running for the hills. Do you know who we are? You are looking for trouble! "

"I'm not looking for you. I'm just talking to those people friendly. Why are you so unreasonable? Why do you bully me like this? "

"Humph! Do you still want to be beaten up enough? Look at your thin body. We shall beat you to death today! "


The voice of the boy who was bullied was so familiar to her. She had always hated this kind of thing. Since she had met him, she had to discipline him.

In this situation, there was no one in the bathroom. She came to the men's room naturally and saw a group of people surrounding a boy, so she couldn't see his face clearly.

"Hey! That's enough. It's not right to bully your classmates at school. "

"Humph! How dare a girl come to the men's room to take care of her? She's really something. " A tall and strong boy snorted.

The thin boy next to him whispered in his ear, "boss, isn't this the new beauty of our school, cherry Li? She used to be submissive, but now she is not only beautiful, but also has a strong personality. I heard that there is someone behind her. We... "

The man called Cody sneered, his eyes shining with excellence. "So what? Do you think there is no one behind me? You are so beautiful. Do you want to change your clothes after our clothes are torn? "

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