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   Chapter 17 I've Already Seen Through It

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When Cherry saw the exquisite food on the table, her eyes widened. "What's this?"

"Breakfast. Hurry up." Spontaneously, Herring sat opposite her, picked up his tableware and began to eat slowly.

In fact, he should go to take a shower by now, but he didn't know why he just wanted to have dinner with her. He felt very happy.

Cherry rolled her eyes and glanced at him. "You didn't have breakfast before, did you? Why does it suddenly appear again? "

Herring bit his lips and frowned, "Nonsense. Do you want to faint again?"

Cherry was a little moved and smiled unnaturally, "Well, well, I'll eat reluctantly."

Seeing the two of them having dinner together, the servants were all shocked. What a rare scene.

After dinner, Cherry rushed to school. She didn't want to be sent by Herring, or she would have to experience that depressing atmosphere all the way.


As soon as she entered the classroom, two girls' voices sounded at the same time. One was behind her, and the other was sitting in the seat. Seeing the sweet smile on Avril's face, she ignored Sherry, went straight to her seat and sat down.

"Cherry, cherry, I just called you. Why didn't you answer me?" Gasping for breath, Sherry ran to her, still as harmless as before, but her eyes was looking her over unconsciously.

"Did you just call me? I didn't hear you. What can I do for you? "

In the past, Cherry would have invited Sherry to sit down, but now Cherry had no intention of being polite to her. With a frown unconsciously, the smile on Sherry's face turned into worry. She reached out and held Cherry's hand intimately.

"Cherry, Herring was so angry yesterday that he took you away. What's up? It's all my fault. I shouldn't have made such a joke on you and Noah. Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened.

But I meant it. I really think you two are a perfect match. To be honest, Herring is too arrogant. "

'Did she come here to sow dissension again?'

'Humph, you are really persistent.'

Cherry calmly pulled her hand away from her hand and shook her head, pretending to have a headache. "In fact, I'm the same as you think. But I don't know what's wrong with Herring to ask me to get the marriage certificate. And he made it. I don't know what to do now."


Sherry couldn't help but scream out. The surprise, shock and anger on her face were obvious. When she saw the glances of some people around, she quickly changed to a gentle look. She seemed worried and wanted to hold Cherry's hand, but Cherry didn't give her the chance.

"Cherry, you have already got a marriage certificate with Herring? How could this be? "

A touch of sneer flitted across the corner of her mouth. "Didn't I say that? He insisted. I can't do anything about it. Now that it's fact, I have no choice. "

'Why was she so lucky?'

'How could Herring get a marriage certificate with her?'

'How could it be her!'

'What did he take a fancy to her!'

Sherry roared in her heart and sighed worriedly. "Cherry, then you have to suffer in the future. You two are not right for each other, and he is bad-tempered. As your

confidant, I'm really worried about you."


Worried about her?

Cherry raised her eyebrows and chuckled, "you don't have to worry about that. Just stay here. I understand. The class is about to begin. You'd better go back now."

"Cherry..." Sherry still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Cherry. "I have to read. It's the prime time for study."

Sherry clenched her teeth and forced a smile, "Okay. If you have any problem, just come to me."

Cherry nodded perfunctorily. Without asking for humiliation, Sherry left the classroom in a huff.

"Cherry, you finally see through." Avril suddenly approached Cherry's ear and gave her a sweet and complacent smile.

Cherry was a little surprised, but she immediately understood the meaning of Avril's smile. It seemed that Sherry often came here to see her before. Although Avril didn't talk to Sherry much, she had been silently watching her.

Perhaps, Avril had already found out what kind of person Sherry was.

Alas, she was so stupid before.

She had thought that she would explain it to Avril, but she didn't expect that she had already understood everything. Well, Avril was sure to be her friend.

"Avril, why didn't I find you so smart?" She pinched Avril's face.

Avril winked naughtily, "there are many things you don't know."

The two of them chatted and laughed. After one class, it was noon. Just as the two of them were about to stand up, they heard a man's voice.

"Cherry, Avril."

Kim ran over with a smile. There was a slight smile in Cherry's eyes. She didn't intend to say anything, but when she inadvertently saw a shadow at the door, a smile instantly appeared on her face.

"Kim, here you are. We have been waiting for you here for a long time. Let's have dinner together and go shopping later."

Kim was shocked. He had planned to find an opportunity to get close to Cherry, but he didn't expect that she would take the initiative to talk to him and invite him to go shopping.

This was simply unexpected surprise to him!

He couldn't believe it.

Avril's smile froze on her face. Didn't Cherry warn her not to be with Kim before? Why was Cherry so close to him now?

Cherry knew it was too sudden, but she had no time to explain. She put her arm around Avril's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "trust me."

The smile on Avril's face became vivid again.

They walked toward Kim with a smile and said, "let's go."

As soon as Sherry came out of her class, she saw the three of them walking together. She was stunned, but at the same time, she wore a smile on her face and quietly followed them.

When she saw that Cherry let go of Avril and was intimate with Kim over there, smiling happily and didn't know what to say, the smile on Sherry's face also widened. She seized the opportunity so soon.

They even went to the canteen together. When they had dinner, they even picked up food for each other. They laughed happily. When they went shopping, they were capering. Looking at the photos taken, Sherry snorted and thought, 'Cherry Li, you want to fight with me? You are too young!'

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