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   Chapter 16 Don't Push Me

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With a wanton smile on his face and a hint of provocation in his eyes, Noah sat up and said, "uncle, you must have misunderstood. We're not like what you think. Cherry just helped me wipe the wound. We two won't do anything recklessly. "

Misunderstood? Not like what he thought?


The more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed.

Herring didn't want to talk to him much. Cherry also wanted to say something at this time, but before she could say anything, her body was soared into the air and nestled in his arms. It seemed that it was not a few steps before she returned to the familiar car.

"Let go of me, Herring. Do you hear me?"

As soon as she finished speaking, her whole body was shrouded in a shadow. A burst of pressure came, and the murderous face was very close to her face. The warm breath sprayed on her face, making her unconsciously blush and her heart beat fast.

His thin lips touched and he spoke. "Do you really want to go back?"

"Yes. Haven't you heard from Noah that he was injured? The medicine hasn't been applied to him yet. How can I leave so easily?"

A faint smile appeared on Cherry's face. In fact, she really enjoyed this kind of feeling. It was the second time that she had such a close contact with him. Although he had a bad temper, he could always make her heart fluttered.

"The reason is quite convincing. But do you think I will believe it?"

Herring sat up straight and didn't dare to look at her all the time. If it went on like this, he would be unable to hold it back.

With a glance of him, the car started.

Cherry chuckled, "it's none of my business whether you believe it or not."

"Cherry Li!" Herring reached out and pinched her chin. Anger burst out in his eyes, "Don't push me."

He was trying his best to restrain himself. If he had encountered such a situation before, he might have destroyed the whole world. But when he thought of her who had been frightened that night, he felt so heartbroken that he could not control himself.

Cherry raised her eyebrows and smiled, "what do you want to do? You said that I'm your woman, however, I've never admitted it. So it's my freedom to be with anyone I want, and you have no right to interfere. "

"What do you want?" Herring was in a state of impatience and didn't know how to deal with the little woman in front of him.

Cherry slapped his hand away and said, "I just want to regain my freedom. It shouldn't be difficult, right?"

Herring snorted, "No way. From tonight on, you will truly become my woman."

"What do you mean?" Cherry glared at him, annoyed and flustered.

Herring looked at her calmly, "of course you should fulfill your duty from the past three years."

"Herring Han! You bastard! " Cherry looked around in panic, unable to escape from his palm.

Herring chuckled, "What's wrong? I think it's because I left you alone for too long that you went to the hotel with another man. Now, of course, I have to help you. "

"Oh? That's great. Thank you, Master Herring. " Cherry gave him a sweet smile, held his arm and looked at him excitedly.

What was he doing?

Herring was confused. Wasn't she scared before? Why did it seem that she took the initiative all of a sudden?

Was she pretending before?

As soon as she touched him, his blood was flowing hot, and a sense of tension somewhere made him almost bleed back.


rring shook her off. Actually, he enjoyed this kind of feeling. But when he thought of how she had been with Noah on the bed and what she had said before, he was furious.

As soon as they arrived at the door, Herring walked out with a cold face. When he was about to enter the door, he seemed to remember something all of a sudden. He turned back with a cold face, picked up Cherry, turned around and walked into the room.

The servants in the house were all shocked when they saw this scene. No one had expected that their master would hold Cherry. Although his expression was a little strange, that was still very sweet.

Was Cherry going to be their real hostess?

Their minds were in a mess, and their expressions were a little complicated.

Every time he held her, Herring felt satisfied, especially when she was so obedient now, as if she had returned to the previous self. He actually felt a little nostalgic.

She threw her on her own bed, turned around and was about to leave. Looking at her back, Cherry smiled wickedly, "Herring, aren't you going to get down to business with me? Don't you want it now? "

Annoyed, Herring couldn't say a word. He clenched his fists and then let them go. He slammed the door and left.

Looking at his back, cherry felt a little complacent. She didn't expect that he would also have such a day. It seemed that he really hated her being with others. It was interesting that she could make him angry every time.

She had made up her mind from tonight on that she would keep making Herring angry from now on. Although in her dream he bullied her, she had to take revenge. How dare he force her to apply for a marriage certificate? She must make him furious and let him divorce with her.

This was her big goal!

Early in the morning, when Cherry walked out of her room, she saw Herring running on the treadmill. The energetic clothes suited him very well, making his well-shaped figure more attractive. For a moment, her heart beat faster, and her face flushed. She was stunned.

"What are you looking at? Come down and make breakfast. "

Herring glanced at her coldly. Seeing her silly look, he felt a little proud.

"If you don't want to make the breakfast yourself, why should I?"

Cherry snorted. This man was really handsome in less than three seconds. When she just had a crush on him, it was instantly destroyed!

She had thought that she would have dinner as soon as she came out, but she didn't expect that she would have to do it herself. When she remembered that someone had finished all the food she cooked last time, she was reluctant to cook.

"I want to eat the food you cook."

Declaring this, Herring's face turned red unconsciously. It was the first time that he had expressed his heart so directly. It seemed not so difficult.

Hearing that, Cherry was stunned for a while, with a smug look in her eyes. It seemed that this bad guy's stomach was controlled by her. She pursed her lips and said, "If you want to eat, I should cook for you? Humph! You wish! "

After saying that, she wanted to run away. After all, he could do anything without being satisfied. She couldn't be trapped in the room anymore.

But before she could run away, her wrist was grabbed by a powerful hand. When she was about to make a fuss, she was lifted into the air. By the time she fell, she had already approached the table.

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