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   Chapter 13 Cheat On You

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The people of the Civil Affairs Bureau were all stunned. Was he here to get married? What would they do if they got married?

"Marry me."

In a calm manner, Herring held her in his arms. The driver handed all the IDS to the lady who was responsible for the marriage certificate. The lady looked at them up and down, "are you sure you are here to get married? "

"What do you think?" A cold light flashed in Herring's eyes.

With all her strength, Cherry hit his chin hard and ran away quickly when he was in pain. "We are not going to get the marriage certificate. He is lying! He is a jerk! Madam, please don't believe him! Don't hurt me! "

The lady's eyes became fierce at once and pushed the certificates aside.

Herring's bodyguards wanted to catch Cherry, but she went into the ladies' room unexpectedly.

The bodyguard still wanted to catch her, but there were many strange eyes around and he carefully glanced at Herring.

Clenching his fists, Herring wondered why she didn't want to marry him? Then why did she marry him before?

"Mr. Herring, what do you think?"

"Leave her alone. Let's go." Then he walked out.

In the bathroom, as soon as Cherry breathed a sigh of relief, she heard Herring say, "I'll go to your school tomorrow to make our relationship public. "

"You win, Herring!" Cherry came out of the bathroom dejectedly and was reluctantly pulled to the counter by Herring.

The lady confirmed again and again and found that Cherry didn't object anymore.

In the end, she had to apply for a marriage certificate for them.

Holding the two marriage certificates in his hands, a hint of happiness flashed through his eyes.

Somehow, he just felt satisfied.

He had thought that Cherry would be more obedient, and he didn't expect that she would slip away when he wasn't attentive.

"She ran away. Go and chase her."

He strode out of the room, leaving only this order in the room.

'Wow, I finally get rid of him. This guy is so hateful. He even wants to force me to get the marriage certificate with him. How can I be defeated by him? I'm so young and beautiful! What's more, he is a standard scumbag. '

After he went out, Cherry came out from behind the door, patting the dust on her body. She looked very angry and a little complacent.

Suddenly, she felt a cold breath behind her, which made her very uneasy. She swallowed and slowly turned around.

The moment she saw him, she opened her eyes wide and wanted to run away, but it was too late. "Herring! Why didn't you leave? "

Herring easily lifted her up and threw her directly into the car. "Do you think you are smarter than me?"

"…" Cherry rolled her eyes at him. He not only bullied her, but also angered her.

It was so hateful!

Sitting next to her, Herring swayed the marriage certificates in his hand proudly and put them away calmly.

Cherry couldn't calm down in an instant, and she crazily wanted to grab it. "Herring! You've gone too far! Do you know that you are a robber? I've told you that I don't like you. Why do you threaten me to marry you? "

"You wanted to marry me at first, didn't you?"

Herring gri

tted his teeth. Why did she say she didn't like him again and again? Why didn't she like him? How could she not like him?

Didn't she buy him clothes that day?

He was still wearing the tie she bought for him. Didn't she see it?

At this moment, Cherry was on the verge of breaking down. Did she want to marry him before? Why was she so picky before?

"Obviously, you only treat me as a maid at home. Do you think I'm stupid? Why would I marry someone like you? "

A man like him?

With a snort of contempt, Herring said, "anyway, you have got the marriage certificate with me now. "

"I won't admit it." Cherry rolled her eyes at him angrily.

"Legal recognition." Said Herring coldly.

Cherry was about to lose her temper. "Herring, if you keep forcing me like this, I'll cuckold you!"

"How dare you!" Anger rose in his heart.

Cherry smiled like a fox, "why should I not dare? Although I'm married now, I don't think so. So you'd better leave me alone. "

Herring suddenly grabbed her arm, "Cherry, you..."

Before he could finish his words, Cherry reached out a hand and patted him. "By the way, where are my parents? I want to see them. "

It seemed that she didn't take him seriously at all. Hearing her words, he frowned again.

Looking at his expression, Cherry knew that she must have said something wrong, but she really didn't know. "Hey, Herring, tell me quickly. I'm so scared that I even forget my parents. "

Hearing that, Herring was stunned. Was she scared by him?

"You don't have parents."

All of a sudden, Cherry didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She didn't even have parents? Was she an orphan?

How could an orphan marry someone like him?

She squinted at him and said, "don't lie to me. How can I have no parents? Are you lying to me because you want me to go home? Huh? Tell me now. "

"No, you don't." When she mentioned it again, he suddenly felt sorry for her and unconsciously loosened her wrist.

Cherry saw his suddenly lonely expression. How could he have such an expression?

"No wonder you bully me like this. It turns out that I don't have parents. Okay, I know. But from now on, I can fight against you alone. I will never be obedient to you!"

Looking at her eyes full of hatred, Herring frowned slightly. "Fight against me? "

"Yes!" Cherry stared at him firmly.

Herring had already felt strange. There was something wrong with the way he looked at her since then, and now it was more obvious. Was it because she suddenly changed, or because of something?

The car was running fast. The two of them didn't say anything else. Cherry was very vigilant and looked at him from time to time. She used to do the same, but her eyes were full of tenderness and helplessness, which was different from what she was now.

Closing his eyes for a rest, Herring thought he would be home soon and it wouldn't be too late to teach her a lesson.

Just when he felt that the time was right, a gust of wind suddenly blew in, accompanied by the girl's voice. "Ah! " With a loud sound, he opened his eyes in a hurry. Seeing the scene in front of him, he was completely angry.

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