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   Chapter 11 Pay the Price

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A hint of pity flashed through Herring's eyes, "come and have dinner with me. "

"No!" Cherry wanted to get out of his arms, but he held her tightly.

When she was about to make a big move, the door of the infirmary was suddenly opened. Sherry came in with a trace of panic on her face. When she saw the scene in front of her, a trace of cruelty flashed through her eyes, but she still maintained a sweet image, and her eyes were full of deep worry.

Sherry smiled politely at Herring, and then held Cherry's hand worriedly. "Cherry, I heard that you fainted. It's all my fault that I forgot to give you the breakfast this morning. Now I've bought you another one. Just eat it right now. "

Forgot it?

She was really good at pretending.

Cherry took the opportunity to get out of Herring's arms and stayed far away from him. "No, thanks. I'm not hungry now. You can feed him. I'm going out. You guys take your time. "

"Cherry!" Sherry pretended to be panic, turned around and gently nodded at him. "Mr. Herring, it seems that Cherry is a little angry with me. I should go after her. Bye. "

Then she ran out quickly, as if she was really worried.

Standing still, Herring clenched his fists., Cherry, what are you going to do?'

She treated him so well before, and now she treated him like this.

Was she challenging his bottom line on purpose? Or she didn't like him anymore?

"Cherry, are you okay? I saw a man carrying you into the infirmary just now, so I followed him. But they didn't let me in. What's wrong with you? "

As soon as Cherry came out, Avril ran over in a hurry and kept checking her body.

Cherry felt warm in her heart. She stopped her and smiled, "it's okay. I'm just a little hungry. Let's go to the canteen to have dinner. Let's go."

"Cherry, who was that man just now? It doesn't seem to be from our school. Tell me, is he your boyfriend? " Avril asked curiously.

When Cherry heard her say that he was her boyfriend, she had a strange feeling, as if she liked to hear others say that he was her boyfriend.

She shook her head gently and took a deep breath. "No, how could I have a boyfriend like that? Do you like every handsome man? Kim must be the one you like, right? "

"No, No." Avril blushed instantly.

Cherry's face suddenly became serious. "That's good. I tell you, a person like him can only be friends. Don't go further with him, or you will regret."

"Cherry..." The smile on Avril's face suddenly stopped and she looked at her hesitantly.

Cherry gently pinched her face and said, "you should trust me. I won't hurt you in such a relationship. He is really not suitable for you."

"Okay..." Avril pursed her lips.

Cherry smiled, "let's go to the canteen."

"By the way, Cherry, why are you going to have a fight with the girls in Grade f

our today? They have hated you for so long. In fact, I wanted to tell you at that time, but you didn't talk to me all the time. " Avril said seriously.

Cherry smiled. This was her real friend.

"It doesn't matter. They provoked me first. Why don't I fight with them? Will I be afraid of them? "

Avril nodded her head and said," yes, you were afraid of them before. You always avoided them when you saw them. And those teachers were also unfriendly to you. Although you studied well, they didn't like you".

Cherry sneered, squinted her eyes and thought for a while. "Why did those girls say that I'm shameless?"

Avril shook her head slightly, "I don't know. I asked you about it before, but you never wanted to tell me.

Especially in the following year, you barely talked to me. You always greeted me with a smile.

So when I called you this morning, you jumped over happily, and that scared me. "

Cherry felt a little uncomfortable. It turned out that she was such a humble girl in the past. No wonder she had such a dream. There were so many messy people in her dream.

"Well, since there is no specific reason, I will be the new disciple from today on. If any of them dares embarrass me again, I will let them know how powerful I am. "

Avril looked around and said with a lovely nervous look, "Cherry, don't you know who the leader of those girls is? "

Cherry suddenly felt very interesting. She lowered her head and asked, "who is she? Is her father the principal? "

Avril became serious, like a teaching professor. "She is even more important than the principal. Her family is one of the most famous enterprises in our city. Even the principal dare not offend her family, so generally, all the students will avoid her when they see her. "

"But there must be some special hatred between you and her. I don't know what it is. Anyway, she has never been against any other people like you. "

A faint smile appeared on Cherry's face. It was getting more and more interesting.

She didn't know what the man, as a director of the school, had done to her in the school and made her so humble here.

"Well, have my parents come to see me?"

"Your father and mother? Do you have parents? " Avril was confused, "I have never heard you mention your parents. When I asked you before, you didn't mention anything. I don't know what happened. "

"I used to be so mysterious." Cherry was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

Avril suddenly became excited, "yes, yes, I always feel that you are very mysterious. I thought you were the princess of a big business family and didn't talk to us all day long because you didn't disdain us at all."

"Later I found that it was not the case."


Sherry suddenly ran over with a smile, still holding a bowl of rice in her hand.

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